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Thai embassy marks National Day of Thailand
December 8, 2018, 4:00 pm

The Thai Ambassador to Kuwait H.E. Dusit Manapan hosted a reception to mark his country’s National Day, as well as the birthday anniversary of the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej celebrated as Father’s Day of Thailand, on 5 December at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. The Chief Guest at the event was Kuwait’s Assistant Foreign Minister for Asian Affairs,Ali Sulaiman Al-Saeed.

In his address to the gathering, Ambassador Manapan said that since diplomatic ties were established 55 years ago, relations between the two countries have been growing in various fields. He pointed out that the volume of trade exchange between the two countries has steadily been rising and that the flow of tourists from Kuwait had increased to 72,000 last year. He expressed his hope that the numbers would increase further this year, and added he was happy that many Kuwaitis consider Thailand their favorite tourist destination.

He was also optimistic about Thailand’s chairmanship of ASEAN Group in 2019, and added that his country will host about 180 Asian meetings, in addition to two summits for the group. He said that Thailand will work with other ASEAN-member countries and, in cooperation with their friends in the international community, attempt to achieve stability, security and economic growth of the region.

For his part, Al-Saeed reiterated that Thailand is a friend of Kuwait and praised the very close relations between the two countries. He added that Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southwest Asia and extolled the excellent health care services and the high-level health institutions in Thailand.

The late King Bhumibol Adulyadej is remembered as Thailand’s guiding light, and is revered as the Father of the Nation for his eight decades of successful rule. He led the country through difficulties and supported development in various fields. One of his most noteworthy achievements was the concept of economic self-sufficiency that earned public recognition and helped save the nation from economic crises.

Thailand is a country brimming with culture and religion, as well as touristic attractions and relaxing activities. Thousands of temples and cultural centers, as well as the gorgeous Royal Thai palaces, promote the unique Thai culture and are touristic venues to marvel at. A thriving health and wellness sector also adds to the country’s tourism credentials, while Thai food plays an integral role in the cultural tourism, with its street foods and fine dining restaurants  alike garnering appreciation from tourists.


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