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Terrace Grill
June 22, 2015, 3:49 pm

Terrace Grill is a steakhouse without any of the usual steakhouse stuffiness.

Cuisine: Comprehensive without being overwhelming is the essence of their menu with a variety of mouthwatering options such as fillet mignon, rib eye and other premium cuts. They also offer lamb, ostrich, fish and several vegetarian options.

Popular Dishes: Salad with Scottish Smoked Salmon, Crostini, Capers and Lemon | Marinated Double Cut Lamb Chops | Baked Baby Hammour Ratatouille | Grilled Tiger Prawns.

Ambience: With seating for 80, the classical modern soft curves within white sophisticated crisp décor define the design of this restaurant. The stylish modern frosted glass screen tastefully and elegantly separating the open cooking area, highlights the contemporary twist given to the steakhouse. The walls are adorned with the works of a local Kuwaiti artist, adding to the fresh modernity of the ambience.

Add on: The experience is fully fleshed out by the resident band, which specializes in relaxed light jazz music providing the perfect accompaniment to the meals.

Location: J. W. Marriott,  Al Shuhada, Kuwait City

Contact: 22455550


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