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Ten companies offer bids for Scientific Center's expansion project
October 4, 2015, 5:14 pm

Chairman of the Board and CEO of the Scientific Center Engineer Mijbil Al-Mutawa said on Sunday that 10 companies have presented their bids for the expansion project of the Scientific Center. The new facility includes a center for dolphins, mammals and another for conferences and an exploration hall. Al-Mutawa said in a press statement today that the new expansion of the center will be unique of its kind in the state and would strengthen Kuwait's position as an attraction site, in addition to being an educational and entertainment edifice in the region.

He added that the expansion project includes a new center for dolphins and marine mammals where visitors would have the chance to swim with the dolphins. He explained that the new building will also include an exploration hall containing a hall for permanent exhibits and the second one for mobile exhibits, besides a conferences center that is equipped with a theater, multi-purpose halls and essential support facilities. 

Source: KUNA

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