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Tempura garlic scapes with garlic scape aioli
April 26, 2015, 10:49 am

Garlic scapes can be lightly battered and fried, which tempers their pungency, giving them almost a green bean quality, both in taste and texture. Moreover, when fried, scapes become more than just a flavor enhancement, they can be the main show.

Aioli: In a food processor, pulse 4-5 garlic scapes with a pinch of salt, a tbsp capers, an egg yolk, juice of half a lemon, ½ cup olive oil and ½ cup neutral oil (such as grapeseed, canola, or vegetable) and process until combined. Add more salt, a pinch of crushed red pepper flakes, more lemon juice or, if the aioli is needing more bite, a tbsp vinegar.

Tempura scapes: Heat 3-4 cups canola oil (for deep frying) at 180°C. Cut the stringy tip and bottom of the stem end off ½ kg garlic scapes. Cut each into 10 -15cm length. In a mixing bowl, mix two egg yolks with two cups cold water. Add one-quarter cup ice cubes and two cups of flour.

Combine: barely mix, with pockets of dry flour visible, until a loose, lumpy batter, about thirty seconds. Fry 5-6, one by one battered-scapes, in a batch, until the batter turns golden brown, 1-2 minutes. Season with a pinch of salt immediately, fry the remaining scapes similarly and serve immediately with the aioli.

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