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Temptations that make you spend more
November 4, 2013, 11:54 am

No matter how much you want to stop overspending, there are some situations that just seem to beg you to open your handbag and spend. You’re not alone; many women today also have a hard time sticking to their decision because of these five temptations:

Sale season: There may be no better reason to break your no-spending rule than sale season. It’s when shopping frenzy sets in and all your favorite stores slash their prices. Your shopper’s rationale tells you that it’s okay to spend because you will be saving more money in the long run and that it’s a shame to waste the opportunity to buy clothes at a discounted price. In reality, however, you will probably end up spending more because you’re shelling out your hard-earned cash for something you don’t really need. The best way to avoid falling for sale season is to avoid the mall completely or just raid your sister’s closet.

Judgmental salesladies: Who hasn’t had a haughty saleslady look down on them at one point in time or another? Telling her that you can afford it will make you sound defensive and so you prove your worth in the most direct way possible — by making a substantial purchase. At the end, the saleslady will still be haughty but you will now have a huge bill.

Your credit card:  Instant gratification is hard to resist. Armed with a credit card, you’re basically an unstoppable shopping machine. Stop overspending by reminding yourself why you availed of the card in the first place. Was it to buy large home appliances on installment? Was it to cover unexpected emergency expenses? Ask yourself if buying all your wants would leave enough money in your credit limit to cover what your card is originally supposed to be for.

Personal problems: The end of a friendships or the beginning of marital problems is almost always accompanied by a lot of negative feelings. There is grief, rejection, and fear among other emotions. To make you feel better, you go out shopping. But will these material things really bring you happiness? Avoid overspending by meeting up with good friends instead.
Personal accomplishments: Whether you reached an important goal or got a promotion, you want to celebrate. After all your hard work, it’s only right that you reward yourself. However, don't make shopping for a reward a daily habit. Little expenses add up over time.

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