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Telangana Chaitanya Sravanthi (TCS) announces Membership drive in Kuwait
July 21, 2015, 11:28 am

Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) from Telangana State (29th State of India) started a non-profit, socio-cultural organization – Telangana Chaitanya Sravanthi (TCS) “for the sole purpose of bringing its members together from Telangana origins residing in Kuwait and sharing common goals and interests. Its aim is to promote, practice and safeguard the traditions, culture, arts, dialect, and language of Telanganites residing in Kuwait within the framework of laws of the land and the Indian Constitution in its totality without any discrimination of language, class, creed and caste, functioning purely as a Non-Profit Organization. The organization has been approved by Indian Embassy, State of Kuwait - Reg.No. INDEMB/KWT/ASSN/270 vide its letter dated 2nd July, 2015.

TCS further aims to support its members, the less privileged and the needy countrymen including our Telanganites in the need of the hour as well as to inculcate awareness to strive for a better education, technical skills and standard of living.

The TCS is built on the following four pillars of guiding principles:

1. Santosham (Happiness – to participate in all organizational activities together happily with mutual respect and trust)
2. Soyee (Conscience – Every member should work with conscience of rights, to aspire for fair share of resources, education, power and wealth of the State of Telangana)
3. Spurthi or Chaitanyam (Awareness, Training and Uplift – Every member shall strive to impart training, education, help in job opportunities, and welfare of the less privileged Telanganites as well as fellow countrymen)
4. Sanskrithi (Culture – Celebrate festivals, participate in cultural and social activities like sports, literary activities, plays, singing, picnics, get-togethers, art events etc)

The TCS logo is designed with its full name written in both Telugu and English as well as three initials – T, C & S, The Telangana State area, paddy to reflect its main occupation which is agriculture, and its ongoing transformation to Engineering and Technology represented by a partial gear, The State symbols like auspicious State Bird (Pala Pitta in Telugu - Indian Roller or Blue Jay), and the iconic symbols of the most famous and unique festivals of the region - Bathukamma & Bonam.

Interested members from Telangana State residing in Kuwait are requested to contact for the membership for the year 2015-16 by e-mail:; Phone No: 65802716, website:

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