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Tehreek-E-Insaf Welfare Society Kuwait members meet with Pakistani Ambassador
November 2, 2015, 12:42 pm

Senior members of the Pakistan Tehreek-E-Insaf Welfare Society Kuwait met with the Ambassador of Pakistan to Kuwait H.E. Aslam Khan at the Pakistan Embassy to present the main issues being faced by Pakistanis living in Kuwait.

Among the issues discussed was the difficulty of Pakistanis in Kuwait in understanding and reading the perplexing online portals of NADR . NADRA ignored a part of this community when it implemented the new system. As per statistics, there are approx. 117,000 Pakistanis in Kuwait comprised mainly of laborers, drivers and low profile workers; roughly 80 percent of these people have difficulty with the new system, particularly the form displayed in english. These uneducated people could use outsource services to fill and process the form, but it risks their private personal information becoming common knowledge and usually they avoid it because their privacy and security is not guaranteed. 

Moreover, the new system requires that the fee be paid through credit/debit cards, and most Pakistanis will have difficulty as they do not have such cards. Even in cases that the people have cards, they might not be able to use them properly or they might makes mistakes in the process.

The Pakistan Tehreek -E-Insaf Welfare Society Kuwait presented some solutions to the Ambassador, including to increase the manpower at NADRA and pass on the cost to the applicants. The idea is that all matters pertaining to the site should be handled by expert and trained staff under government supervision.

If this solution is not feasible, then NADRA can arrange for private authorized person that have been previously trained by them, to process the online form at the cost of the applicant. These authorized and trained agents can work at different locations in Kuwait to help facilitate the process for Pakistanis with difficulties. This entire work of online processing can be outsourced through an expert company.

It would also be better if the form was in the national language, Urdu to also be in line with recent Pakistan Supreme Court orders. Regarding the mode of payment in Kuwait, the suggestion was that K-net is the best.

Another matter put forward was the termination of PIA flights from Kuwait to Peshawar. On behest of these Pakistanis in Kuwait, Tehreek -E-Insaf Welfare Society put forth the request to the Ambassador to look into this matter and arrange for the resumption of the said flights. 

The Ambassador appreciated their initiative and recommendations, and gave a promise to forward the same to the concerned authorities of Government of Pakistan.

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