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Tefaseel Design Expo introduces new-age designs
April 4, 2015, 10:34 am

American Institute of Architecture Students, Kuwait University (AIAS KU), organized 'Tefaseel Design Expo' at the Al Hamra Tower on 1 and 2 April. The Expo featured installations that showcased works in various design fields by AIAS KU graduates and served as a communication bridge between the market and upcoming graduates.

The event 'Tefaseel', which translated in English is 'details', also saw architecture firms and product designers – Kayan, Experiment 1, M2h Design Studio, Pad 10, Pace and Babnimnim, participating in the two-day expo, where the installations harmonized contemporary design with innovation.

The exhibition included numerous design fields, such as architectural design, interior design, product design and art. The AIAS KU Chapter President Mohammed Mukamis explained, "We conducted this first student-run design exhibition in Kuwait to raise awareness of architecture in Kuwait. There are about 33 installations."

A 'Vote for the perfect chair!' competition, held by 'Arch.ive' — an annual publication developed to showcase the studio works of students at the College of Architecture, Kuwait University — built up on its interactive format of its showcased work. The 14 chairs competing for visitor votes ranged from the ultra-comfortable "BAYMAX" style to the "Not So Musical Chair', which took its theme from the 'musical chair' game.   

Mini-sculptures made out of watch pieces by students of architecture, a clay sculpture ‘Contours’, a metal sculpture ‘Fluidity’, and a mesh sculptor and figurine ‘Prevailing Realm’, were amongst the other artworks displayed at the expo. The furniture displays included ‘Void-less Chair’, a ‘Classic Ghost Chair’, and the recycled PVC table ‘Piped’, while photographic panels 'Geometric Distortion' and 3D prints-installation ‘Nowhere’, were part of the imaging-art displays.

Ghazal Praveen
Staff Writer

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