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Teenager wins KD 75,000 with Kalyan Jewellers
February 5, 2015, 12:05 pm

Kalyan Jewellers, one of the most trusted jewellery brands has announced the winner of its KD 75,000 Campaign. Aishwarya Sudhakar Rao, a 15 year old girl won the prize money.

“We are delighted that the winner of our KD 75,000 initiative is a young girl. I hope that Aishwarya under the guidance of her parents can realize some of her goals. The KD 75,000 campaign was launched with the objective of providing our customers with an opportunity to fulfill some of their most cherished dreams. We believe that we have taken one more step to building a closer relationship with the community,” said TS Kalyanaraman, Chairman and Managing Director, Kalyan Jewellers. 

A smiling and shy Aishwarya was quite overwhelmed by the occasion. She said, “It’s amazing that I won the prize. To be honest, I don’t think I did anything to deserve this prize. My parents put my name in the draw. It would have been nice if someone needy had won it. I will use a part of the prize money for charity and save the rest for my education. Sudhakar Rao, the father of Aishwarya was beaming with pride. He said, “Aishwarya has always been lucky for us and now she is lucky for herself. She plans to start a fundraising project in her school.”

Kalyan Jewellers recently opened three in Kuwait and has nine showrooms in the UAE. It has a total of 77 outlets spread across West Asia and India. The showrooms, curated in close partnership with designers and stylists offer an exquisite and extensive collection of jewellery, with stunning designs.

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