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Teachers participate in workshop to learn techniques
April 7, 2015, 11:42 am

English language and Life skill teachers from 13 Indian schools in Kuwait  attended a  Capacity  Building Programme for teachers by "Shiksashri Educational Consultants" an empanelled agency of CBSE – under the aegis of Council of CBSE Affiliated schools in the Gulf on 14  and 15 March, 2015.

Asha Sharma, the Principal of Indian Learners Own Academy, made the arrangements to help her staff be better teacher and enable them to mold the students to meet the current challenges in education. 

The workshop was flagged off by the Chief Guest Shiv Sagar , the second secretary, Indian Embassy in Kuwait. The powerful welcome address by the Principal set the tone of the workshop. The workshop was headed by three professionals - M. Vasudev, Director of Sikshasri Educational Consultant, Shrikala S. Nambiar and Pushkala Raman. The Chairman of the school, Principals and teachers from different schools added to the ambience of the workshop.

The workshop on Assessing Speaking and listening skills gave sufficient background on Enhancing, Developing of Listening and Speaking skills in children and authentic assessment, providing teachers with a framework that would help them design communicative tasks, and finally exposing them to a rich bank of specific tasks and material that they could use in their classes. Building on a heightened awareness of the class as a space, teachers were taught about ways for learners to assume more control over their own learning.

The workshop highlighted that teachers would no longer fulfill one fixed role, inherent in teacher-centered and student-centered paradigms, but would shift roles as needed and helped to drive home the point that the aim of language education is to enhance communicative competence and all languages are sets of skills which can only be developed through learner autonomy and not as a body of knowledge.

The second day of the workshop was devoted to a different set of teachers teaching life skills to the students. This was the first endeavor of its kind. Mr. Vasudev stressed that a teacher should be a role model and a lifelong learner. His most quoted words "teacher should teach someone, than teach something" resonated throughout the workshop.

Srikala Nambiar emphasized on class rooms to become student centered. She focused on the primary aim of education for students, which is " to do well in life outside the school". The workshop touched on all areas of life skills like self awareness, critical thinking, creative thinking, decision making, problem solving, empathy, effective communication and interpersonal skills as identified by WHO.

The sessions were very fruitful and convincing. The participants left the venue with ignited  and enlightened minds all set to make the students adept with positive behavior and balanced human beings.

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