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Tea Advice
June 8, 2015, 3:59 pm

In love with the daily ritual of a cup of tea, but less enamored of the traditional flavors? You think you could pull off a nice, a more flavorful cup of tea by adding a spice here or a fruit there but it is more of an art to set the combinations well, rather than just blending flavors in.

Here is a list of advices on buying and tasting tea — great for a tea newbie and an enthusiast alike:

ON SWEETENING YOUR TEA: Teas are best unadorned but if you like to sweeten your tea, just add honey. Find a local honey brand, of at least a decent quality, which comes from beekeepers who do it right and offer delicious honey that could sweetens your teas right.

ON ACCOMPANIMENTS TO TEA: Anything that allows the tea to shine, is fair game. Scones, tea biscuits, shortbread cookies, or nothing at all. When you add too many flavors, your cup of tea gets lost.

ON BUYING TEA: Get flavors that you know you will love. Once you know that you enjoy loose leaf tea and feel comfortable preparing it, explore other teas, flavors, and blends. Invest in quality brewing extras (french press, strainers and disposable tea bags) to make your life easier, and drink up.

ON FLAVORS: Start with one additional flavor to a tea you already enjoy. Do you like English Breakfast tea? Add dried cranberries for a different twist, or add fresh mint to your favorite green tea for a refreshing twist. You can later add additional ingredients but one at a time so your tongue does not explode in taste overload.

ON THROWING A TEA PARTY: Find a way to have a tea party that would incorporate chocolates from brands which infuse teas in some of the bonbons. Menus could also include savory scones, varieties of finger sandwiches, and fresh fruits. Set the table with a modern spread or real chinaware, with a few vintage flairs, add fresh flowers and wait for friends to arrive.

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