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Tashreeq days begin with pebble-throwing
August 23, 2018, 7:43 am

Muslims Wednesday began Tashreeq Days by throwing seven pebbles on each of the three Jamarat (Small, Middle and Largest Jamarat consecutively).

The ritual requires the pilgrim to throw seven pebbles on each of the three Jamarat before departing Mina, but pilgrims can leave when finished on Thursday (the second day of Tashreeq) if they are in a hurry.

On the third and last day of Tashreeq, which falls on Friday, pilgrims will throw pebbles at the three Jamarat just as they did in the previous two days, before they leave for Makkah to do their last Tawaf (moving around Kaaba) to end their Hajj journey.

Source: KUNA

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