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Tamilnadu Engineers Forum (TEF) elect new Organizing Committee
December 31, 2015, 12:59 pm

The Tamilnadu Engineers Forum (TEF) in Kuwait, a non profitable association of alumni from all engineering colleges from Tamilnadu is an active professional body in Kuwait conducting various Technical and Community support activities while creating a platform for professional interaction between Engineering communities based on mutual respect, business ethics and professionalism.

This year, on its 16th anniversary, a new Organizing Committee was elected unanimously during the TEF 2015 valedictory function held on 18 December at AIS, Kuwait.

The Committee is headed by Eng. Jeya Kumar (NAPESCO) as the President, Eng. Krishna Jegan (Bader Al Mulla), Vice President, Dr. Shan Senthil (ILC), General Secretary, Eng. Venkatesan (Worley Parsons), Joint Secretary, Eng. Ashok Arulsamy (KOC R&T), Treasurer and Eng. Sethu Madhavan (Bader Al Mulla), Joint Treasurer.

The other members include Eng. Hameed Rafeek (OGTC), Eng. Shahul Hameed (KNPC), Eng. Kasi Viswanathan (KNPC), Eng. Prabhu (MBTC) , Eng. Gem Prasanna (Global Vision), Eng. Namasudevan (Global Technology) , Eng.Vadivelan (KNPC), Eng. Shanmugam (United Engg), Eng. Ramesh Kumar (MECC), Eng. Arumugam (ISCO), Eng. Justin Anto Prasanna (Rezayat), Eng. hamilarasan (Dan) , Eng. Mohan Dass (JO) , Eng. Prince Reeto (KOC) , Eng. Bala Mani (KOC) , Eng. Arun Golden Inigo Dass ( Golden Palm).

During his address, the President indicated that efforts will be taken during the year 2016 to make TEF as a globally recognized Engineering body and the General Secretary highlighted the plans of 2016 including the new initiatives to reach the Engineering & Student communities in Kuwait.

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