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Talk confidently about your side business
July 25, 2017, 4:32 pm

There are many legitimate reasons to look before you leap into a new business endeavor (i.e., figuring out how to make the time for your side business), you really don’t want to discuss your concerns about others to prevent you from pursuing your goals. Being uneasy about discussing your business is no excuse for holding back, so here are some easy tips that will make those conversations a lot easier, whether you are having them with an old friend or with a stranger.

Practice makes perfect:  If you are new to the entrepreneurial game, it may feel unnatural to share the details of your fresh creative pursuit. It all sounds so good in your head, but often, when you are put on the spot by someone you have just met; it suddenly feels nearly impossible to put into words the amazing things you have been working on outside of the office. To avoid getting tongue-tied in these situations, start by practicing your pitch.  If you know you are going to have an opportunity to chat about your side business, spend some time thinking about how you can best explain your passion project in a few clear sentences.

Jump right in:  Resist the urge to qualify the hard work you are putting into your side business with awkward intros like “I don’t know if this is going to be a real business, so I guess I’ll just do it for fun for a while.” Own that business, girl! Your business doesn’t need to be a multi-million dollar operation with dozens of employees to merit a serious conversation. Stop tempering your enthusiasm for what you are doing and just start talking.

Keep smiling:  When you smile, it is a clear signal to whomever you are chatting with that you are confident in, enthusiastic about, and proud of the conversation at hand. Even if you are still feeling a little apprehensive about launching your business, fake that happy face until you make it! Every time you meet someone new or reconnect with an old contact, you have a prime opportunity to share the news about your endeavor, and to make them feel as excited about it as you are.

Don’t let the questions get you down:  As with everything in life, side businesses aren’t going to garner total support from everyone you meet. People will have questions. How are you going to manage your time? Do you have the money you need to invest in a new business? Do you have any experience with customer service? How will you juggle your side business with the demands of your day job, without compromising your performance in either? If just reading these questions is making you sweat, you better get ready to experience it in real life. You are bound to be hit with an interrogation here and there, and being mentally prepared to politely brush those questions off is key to ensuring that your confidence remains intact.


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