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Talha deportees seek justice
October 22, 2014, 8:42 am
Detainees at the Talha Deportation Center slit their arms with blades to protest against indefinite stay at the prison despite completing their terms.

A group of deportees at the Talha Deportation Center reportedly slit their arms amid screams of ‘Save us’ in the belief their screams will fall on the ears of the responsible officials and they will be deported after serving their time, reports Arab Times citing Al- Rai daily.

A source at the ‘Talha’ is said to have documented pictures depicting the sufferings of the inmates of various nationalities who have served their full terms and are awaiting deportation.

The source said they continue to be held behind bars due to sheer administration follies and negligence. The source confirmed about 80 prisoners went on strike and slit their arms in protest against the poor living conditions, some of whom are said to have completed their jail terms 18 months ago.

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