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Talented youth to compete in Sparsh finals
October 22, 2015, 10:59 am

After numerous round of auditions and semi-finals, the best of Sparsh candidates will be competing in the Finals. Three of the best performers in each category (Solo Vocals, Solo Dance, Group Dance, Other Performing Arts, and Bands) will be selected as the winners.

The twist of the Sparsh Finals is that although the names of the winners will be announced, the order of winning will be kept confidential and will only be revealed to them at the end of the Grand Finale. At the Grand Finale, the winners of all the categories will further compete against each other for a Grand Prize of 1000 KD and they would be judged entirely on their entertainment value - "WOW" Factor. 

Date: 30 October 15
Time: 6pm
Venue: Indian Embassy Auditorium

Limited entry passes are available at Better Books, Salmiya.

Please do come and cheer  the participating children. The Sparsh Team have worked hard to bring this competition forward to this stage and  would love a large group to come and show the event their support.

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