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Taking care of your skin
June 30, 2014, 12:19 pm

Fasting during the month of Ramadan causes the body’s metabolic rate to decrease, while boosting other regulatory functions. A multidimensional experience, the Ramadan fast is advantageous to health, besides offering spiritual, physical, psychological and social benefits. With the expectations and activities you are obligated to be a part of during the month of Ramadan, a lot more care has to be taken of your skin and hair due to the change in your diet and lifestyle.  Here are a few simple steps to follow to retain healthy and glowing skin.

  • You should cut down on cleansing your skin to twice a day as over washing leads to dryness.
  • Use moisturisers consistently as dehydration is rampant during Ramadan, especially during the hot summer months. You must moisturise your skin a lot more during Ramadan - at least three times a day to keep your skin shining and healthy.
  • Avoid excess use of toners and scrub.
  • Never forget to apply sunscreen over the moisturiser, and particularly focus your application of sunscreen and moisturiser on all exposed areas like the face, neck and hands.

Diet regulations

Apart from taking care of the skin with the above, it is essential to take the correct food and beverages during iftar and suhoor to maintain the glow through the month. To avoid dehydration of the skin, one must eat a lot of vegetables, fruits and vitamin-based foods during the period between iftar and suhoor. The intake of large amounts of caffeine-containing beverages should be avoided as it inevitably causes the loss of valuable mineral salts that your body would otherwise need during the day.

Sweet lime, oranges and berries are the best fruits that help to maintain healthy skin. Additionally, regulating intake of aerated drinks and increasing your intake of fruit juices, milkshakes and laban also helps keep your skin healthy, while salad and sprouts boost metabolism.

Since dehydration also reflects on your hair, Doctors recommend the use of mild shampoos and regular intense conditioning to maintain your hair's luster. Light physical exercise and a relaxed mental state not only gets you through Ramadan but also prepares you for Eid.


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