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Tajikistan road show highlights tourism and culture
November 30, 2014, 5:26 pm

A tourism delegation from Tajikistan held an exhibition at the Sheraton Hotel on the occasion of the Tourism Day of the Republic of Tajikistan. The exhibition featured the beauty of the country’s culture and traditions with many products, food and tourist brochures on display. Muhiddin Tojiev, member of the Tajikistan delegation, expressed his desire to promote his country in order to attract visitors to the young country Tajikistan, where tourism infrastructure is being developed. He added that there were a lot of recreational treatments that would interest Kuwaitis.

Tajikistan, a country in Central Asia, has many beautiful attractions such as one of the highest peaks in the world and seven lakes of different colors. Mr. Tojiev also talked briefly on the open door policy of the country at the road show, emphasizing that citizens from 68 preferential countries can receive visas on arrival at the Dushanbe airport. Asadsho Zoolshoev, Executive Director of the Pamirs Eco Cultural Tourism Association, gave a presentation on the tourism opportunities and resources in the country. 

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