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Tajikistan festival celebrates country’s cultural heritage
April 4, 2015, 3:53 pm

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of a diplomatic relationship between Tajikistan and Kuwait, as well as to commemorate the International Nawruz celebrations, a Tajik Music Festival and Art Exposition was organized at the Kuwait National Museum of Theater on 2 April.  To launch the festivities, an art exhibition showcased works by Farrukh Negmat-zade, a professional artist whose art depicts the old creative traditions and displays a simple lifestyle, and Shuhratjon Yorov, whose photography represents the varied colours of Tajikistan.  Visitors could sample Tajikistan’s great delicacies at a grand buffet .

The ambassador of the Republic of Tajikistan to the State of Kuwait H.E. Dr. Zubaydullo Zubaydov attended the festival along with diplomats, families and well-wishers. They thronged the hall to admire professional artists that exhibited the authentic cultural creativity from Tajikistan and were delighted with the myriad of new sights and sounds.

After an inaugural speech from the ambassador, the Bazmoro dance troupe performed in colourful costumes under the supervision of artist Qurbon Kholov.  The Bazmoro dance ensemble is a youth group of 12 members, who perform national and International dance numbers. Their graceful and rhythmic dances resonate with significance, representing the country’s rich heritage.

Next, the national squad of Tajikistan played a symphony of melodies on tradiitonal instruments. Every musician captivated the audience, who were also enthralled by those musical numbers that evoked well-known Tajikistan poets such as Kamal Khujandi. The group that pronounced deeply the spirit in delicate harmony was classical music segment by Sardor Solihov on the mandolins and Sobirkhon Ubaydulloev wringing the "Dutor" (double harp).

Subsequently, the following segments were enchanting and vibrant in equal measure from the Badakhshi dance to the "Tanbur" (stringed instruments) musical presentation. The tunes and dance numbers had enough appeal to feed the imagination of onlookers, what with Bazmoro dancing to the ‘Tayibot Alkhatloniya’, popular folk music, and international award winner, Khayrullojon Dodoboev who entertained with the three tambourines.

Mr.  Dodoboev stole the show with his impressive playing of ‘Haflo Eidiya’ presentation wherein he played the popular woodwind instrument. Giving an emotional tug of nostalgia was the passionate vocals of talented singer, Nigina Amonqulova, a well-known singer of Tajik traditional folk songs, revitalizing the traditional music with an alluring charm; her rendition of Arab songs was beautiful.

Her soulful musical expression ended the evening, as her song choice had a mesmerizing effect in ‘Morrege’ a folk song rendition as it shivered with energy and emotion.

Catching up with a few of the audience members, they described their exciting evening of experiencing Tajikistan culture. Irane Pasko from Ukraine said, “I am happy today being here as I lived in USSR and I feel I am experiencing my youth again. Everyone looks very happy  to be here. It was a beautiful show.”

Christina Pinto
Staff Writer


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