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Tajik National Troupe enthralls local audiences
June 22, 2014, 11:10 am

Ambassador of Tajikistan to Kuwait Dr. Zubaydullo Zubaydov opened the Tajik traditional products and photography exhibition during the 17th Tajik International Music Festival held in Kuwait. The music festival was organized by the Kuwait National Council for Culture and showcased traditional dances, songs and music from 17 - 21 June.

Ambassador Zubaydov also took the opportunity to praise the close relations between Tajikistan and Kuwait in cultural and political field. Ambassador Zubaydov underlined the importance of cultural exchanges in bringing people closer and supporting bilateral relations, adding that the Tajik exhibition and musical evening represents an opportunity for the Kuwaiti society to get acquainted with Tajikistan's traditional musical and cultural aspects, as well as handicrafts such as jewelry, accessories, carpets, and touristic attractions.

The program commenced with talented musicians who played a composition of the late famous Composer Abdul Rahman Al Bo’aijan on classical instruments. The climax of the musical evening was the Tajik national troupe, who gave beautiful folklore dance performances. The contemporary dances bought the rich culture of the Tajikistan heritage close to the audience with mesmerizing rhythmic movements and traditional attire.

With the backdrop of neon lights, singer Nai Barghouti took to the stage to sing a few catchy songs, with a feel-good melody. The Tajik national troupe was an equally attractive sight in colorful National costumes.

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