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Taiwanese culture celebrated at Kuwait National Library
June 27, 2018, 5:04 pm

The Taipei Commercial Representative Office in Kuwait (TCRO) organized a presentation on the culture and tourism attractions of Taiwan at the Kuwait National Library on 26 June. The event was attended by members of the diplomatic corps, special guests and members of the Taiwanese community in Kuwait.

In his opening remarks, the Taipei Commercial Representative to Kuwait, Ambassador Hua-wei Mou, spoke about his country’s rich culture and its many tourist attractions. He then introduced AbdullKarim Faleh Al-Hendal Al Hashimi, a well-known media director in Kuwait, who then delivered a presentation on Taiwan titled, ‘Smiley Faces & Beauty of Taiwan’.

Al Hashimi, who had recently visited Taiwan as part of a 13-member media delegation, gave an informative presentation of his experiences with the Taiwanese people, their culture and tradition.  Al Hashemi described the people of Taiwan as polite and respectful of the different ethnic groups in the country. He added, “Taiwan is a clean, safe and beautiful country characterized by citizens who nurture a deep love and devotion for their homeland, because of their strong conviction that ultimately they are responsible for the success and stability of their country. They believe in living in harmony with others and in sharing their country’s success with the entire community.”

Pointing with admiration to the country’s societal standards of maintaining cleanliness, and the customs of respect and neighborliness among citizens, he said, “We learnt that people do not enter houses wearing shoes as part of the social custom. Citizens are also encouraged by customs to keep their community clean, beautiful and secure. Everyone cares for the cleanliness of their homeland. There is also deep respect by family members for the head of the family, and an easiness and love between neighbors. Every citizen lives as one unit in their homeland. “

Talking about his interaction with the indigenous people of Taiwan, Al Hashemi stressed their hospitable nature and said, “The indigenous people are accepting of all cultures and religions and I was made welcome despite wearing my national clothes. I was treated with respect and friendship.” A short-film and a collection of photos depicting his trip to Taiwan was then shown to the audience.

Also, as part of celebrating Taiwanese culture, there was a display of traditional Chinese calligraphy and a cultural performance by traditionally-dressed Taiwanese students studying at Kuwait University.


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