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TTTM conducts Annual Club Contest
February 7, 2018, 10:23 am

It's contest season across all Toastmasters (TM) clubs around the world. Timbre Talkers Toastmasters chooses its future champions. Club level contests are the first step in deciding who will move on to the next round and eventually participate in the World Championship of Public Speaking in Chicago.

Timbre Talkers Toastmasters club (TTTM) conducted its annual club contest on 26 January at the Australian College of Kuwait. Guests, judges and contestants alike were spell-bound and amazed at the quality of contestants on display. This club contest once again proved that TTTM is deservedly a 'President's Distinguished Club'.

TTTM held four categories of contests. International speeches, Humourous speeches, Speech evaluations and Table Topics. All categories were fiercely contested with up to 10 contestants in one contest. 

The 'timbrels' showed great spirit and they clearly exerted their best efforts during the day's proceedings. Many of the contestants were first-time entrants, which shows how efficiently TTTM nurtures and produces champion speakers.

The contest was judged by Chief Judge and District 20 Director Dr. Mohamed Makhlouf and his secret panel of judges. Contests were chaired by Division D Director Dr. Alifiya Lakdawala and Area 40 director CA Vishwanath Pichumoney.

The winners in each category are as follows.

Table Topics Contest: Winner: Nancy George; 1st runner-up: Sathyamurthy Ramanujam; 2nd runner-up: Nijo Johnson

Humorous Speech Contest: Winner: Rajshekhar Iyer; 1st runner-up: Sathyamurthy Ramanujam

Speech Evaluation Contest: Winner: Nancy George; 1st runner-up: Sathymurthy Ramanujam; 2nd runner-up: Rohaina Tanveer

International Speech Contest: Winner: Nijo Johnson; 1st runner-up: Nancy George; 2nd runner-up: Sathyamurthy Ramanujam

The winner in each category will proceed to the Area level contest on 9 March 2018. We wish them the best!

Toastmasters has helped over 4 million people across the world to take their lives and careers to the next level. 

Everyone has ideas worth sharing and enriching stories to tell, the question is do you know how to? Discover the time-tested communication and leadership education tracks in Toastmasters and see your story transform into a bigger success story.

TTTM is happy to invite anyone who wishes to know more about the journey of a Toastmaster. TTTM holds its fortnightly meetings at Better Books Store, Block 10, Salmiya.

For membership inquiries and another information contact, President Mob. 97731210; VP (Edu.) Mob. 65969613 and VP (Mem.) Mob. 99559684.

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