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TSK celebrates Gergean
June 9, 2018, 10:36 am

The Sunshine Kindergarten (TSK) celebrated Gergean recently, recreating some of the heart-warming traditions that take place in Kuwait. Since Ramadan is now falling within the the school year, it presents a wonderful opportunity for young children to celebrate the flavor of Gergean.

Staff and students wore traditional dress, danced to traditional music and sang some great songs, their favourite, of course, to sing along and dance to was “Gurg’aan.” Parents too loved taking part, and sent in Gurgean treats for their children to give out to others. “It’s a wonderful Gergean, thank you to all teachers” was a comment made by many of the parents.

It was then a short walk over the road to visit our Founder, Madam Vera Al-Mutawa MBE. Children presented her with Gergean treats and they too sang along to “Gurg’aan.” It was a fabulous moment for them to share.

The TSK Principal, Miss Heather Holsgrove explained some of the reasons why Gergean is such an important occasion at TSK. “I am from Wales and we are very patriotic. When I was a young girl in school, we always celebrated different traditions in. One of the biggest was St David’s day where we would dress up in traditional Welsh costumes and try delicious food such as Welsh cakes. I want our students to experience the same. It is paramount that we maintain these cultural traditions. Each and every child feels that they are valued and special when we do. Part of this is celebrating their own nationality and home country and the other important aspect is celebrating the country where they live and go to school. Kuwait is our ‘home away from home’ and it is important that we experience some of the fabulous traditions that Kuwait has to offer”.

TSK celebrates many events throughout the year ensuring that each and every child in their care feels valued. The main events in their school calendar include International Day, National Day and Gergean. Miss Heather continued; “We must thank our fabulous parents for trusting us with their beautiful children. Without such great parents and amazing children, these events would not be such a resounding success. We are very lucky at TSK to have such a strong home-school partnership.”  

If you would like to find out more about The Sunshine Kindergarten, please have a look at our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, or check out the website  To capture some of the moments of the day, TSK created a movie and shared it instagram @thesunshinekindergarten.


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