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TRINKETS welcomes exquisite DICI Milano personalization collection
February 8, 2017, 3:00 pm

TRINKETS, the region’s leading fashion jewellery retailer, has launched a special collection brought in by iconic Italian fashion-lifestyle brand, DICI Milano. The new collection offers a unique personalization experience for shoppers in the form of a set of customizable accessories. Customers will be able to add their personal touch through mixing and matching a combination of different rings on offer.

In celebration of the gifting season this month, looking for the perfect gift has never been easier. This new and exclusive collection is now available at all TRINKETS boutiques across Kuwait, to the delight of those wishing to gift something unique to their loved ones or for fashion-minded individuals wishing to indulge themselves.

The customizable rings can be worn in three stylish ways; the outer ring cases and inner rings on their own, the outer ring cases interlaced with inner rings, or by wearing the rings in a delicate necklace. The customer also has the choice to buy different colourful inner rings to match their taste.

The full set is available to all customers, which comes with an outer ring, one inner ring and a necklace chain that the rings can be placed in. These sets can be found in both gold and silver with a gorgeous selection of matching inner rings. The customers can easily create their own one-of-a-kind ring for every occasion. Customers who purchase this exquisite set will be presented with a free gift voucher from TRINKETS, which can be redeemed at the boutique for another inner ring.

DICI Milano’s distinctive designs suit the whims and demands of fashion-conscious individuals by combining the best materials available in the market and fine Italian craftsmanship. The collection is composed of glamorous pieces that are abundant with elegance and sophistication, achieved by combining selective elements from the luxury fashion world with hints of widely popular retail-favourites.

The new DICI collection is now available at all TRINKETS boutiques across Kuwait, including The Avenues, Marina Mall, 360 Mall, Souq Sharq, Al Fanar, The Gate, Al Kout Mall and Promenade Mall. To find out more about the special collection available at your favourite one-stop shop destination for fashion jewelry, visit the nearest TRINKETS boutique.

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