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TRASSK office bearers 2017 of Abbasiya A area elected
January 17, 2017, 1:45 pm

Thrissur Association of Kuwait, Abbasiya A area elected its office bearers for the year 2017. Sri. Hemachandran was elected as convener, Sri.Sukumaran as secretary, Sri. Anto Panengaden as treasurer Smt. Solly George as Vanithavedhi  area Co-ordinator and Silja Antony as vanithavedhi area secretary and Sri. Anto Chirayath, Sri. Sijo Sunny and Smt. Santhy Venugopal elected to the central committee.

 The meeting was held at Rythem Hall, Abbasiya and the area convener Sri. Hemachandran presided the meeting. The area report presented by Secretary Sri. Suresh and the financial report by Treasurer Sri. Anto Panengaden . Association president Sri.Sebastian Vathukadan ,Secretary Ajay Pangil, Treasurer Sri. Hari kulangara and vanitavedhi convener Smt. Ambika Mukundan extended wishes to the area.

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