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TKS holds Executive Committee elections
June 10, 2017, 2:06 pm

The Telugu Kala Samiti (TKS) Election Committee announced that the following members have occupied the positions in the organization in the TKS Executive Committee for the year 2017- 18.

The elected members are: President Vasu Maguluri; Vice President Charles N; General Secretary Parthasarathi P; Joint Secretary Subba Rao Mudda; Treasurer Babu Naidu P; Executive Member (Abuhalifa) Sridhar Kethavarapu; Executive Member (Abuhalifa) Naga Jyothy Ravuri; Executive Member (Abbasiya) Ravi Garne; Executive Member (Fahaheel/mangaf/ Ahmadi) Srikanth A K; Executive Member (Farwaniya/riggae/omaria/ City) Venkata Ratnam and Executive Member (Salmiya) Bhavani Vikram Joshi.

The election committee would like to express its appreciation for the unity and support displayed by all members in completing the election process successfully, and wishes the new executive committee great success during their tenure.

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