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TIES Center holds Ghabga for ladies
June 17, 2017, 4:50 pm

On Sunday, June 11, the TIES Center, a social and educational hub for expats in Kuwait, generously hosted a ghabga for TIES' female students, teachers, volunteers, club members, speakers and visitors at their premises in Shuhada. The event was to honor the dedication of homemakers, who prepare meals during Ramadan for family and friends, while they themselves fast. The ladies feasted on a sumptuously laid-out buffet, including an array of desserts, and enjoyed a well-deserved, relaxed evening until mid-night.

The theme of the ghabga was gratitude. There was a presentation and two activities that spoke about gratitude and helped the ladies on how to implement it in their lives.

TIES Center is an ideal place to get a taste of local culture and traditions, and their events are often informative and interesting. Ghabga, too, is a Kuwaiti tradition, used for a special feast in the month of Ramadan, held after the Taraweeh prayers, and between Futoor and Suhoor meals.

The tradition of Ghabga goes back to the olden days, when Kuwaiti families invited their friends, neighbors and family members to share meals. The word itself originates from the Arabic word Ghabooq, which is the practice of eating dates and drinking laban during the night. Amongst those attending the ghabga last week, some were learning about it for the first time and thanked the center for giving them the opportunity to experience it.

During Ramadan, the TIES Center also opens their door to anyone who would like to have iftar at the center on all Wednesdays, where they serve the main course, salads, and drinks. Everyone is welcome to visit and a perfect opportunity to experience iftar with friends and other visitors, sharing in the blessings and engaging in a positive cultural dialogue. If you haven’t already visited, be sure to attend their last iftar for this Ramadan on Wednesday, this week. I can personally attest to a pleasant evening.

The TIES Center is a social and educational hub for expats in Kuwait to learn more about the culture/traditions, the language, and the religion of the country and the Middle East. Visit their website and Instagram account @tiescenterq8, for more details on their daily activities and events.

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