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THANIMA arranged Iftar
July 18, 2013, 9:54 am

THANIMA, the secular socio-cultural Group has arranged an 'Íftar' named SauhrudaThanima, on Saturday 13 July at Hi-Dine auditorium, Abbassiya. The fast breaking get-together was attended by community leaders, representatives from different religious faiths, social and cultural organizations as well as audio-visual media. The meeting was presided over by Philip J. Panicker. Abdulla Vadakara, Rev. Sam P. Koshy and Krishnan K. Pillai delivered messages highlighting the need for inter-faith dialogues to nurture religious harmony and peaceful co-existence of followers of different faiths.

The world is shrinking day by day due to technological advancement, but humans are becoming more and more self-centered, showing less concern to the less privileged. Fasting is a mechanism for purification, self-restraint as well as a reminder to wake up and understand one's responsibility as a human being. Sageer Thrikaripur, Sam Pynomudu, Basheer Batha, Chessil Ramapuram spoke on the occasion. Babuji Bathery welcomed the guests and George Thomas proposed vote of thanks.

Jins Mathews, Iqbal Kuttamangalam, Raghunathan Nair, Mukundan Edavana, Sabu Peter, Shaji Varghese, Johnarts, Thomas Kattanam, Ross Kattukallil, Jacob Mathew, Jomon Mankuzhikary, Lalu Mathew, Maju Karipal, Manoj Mavelikara, Sanish George, Savyo Job, Shaiju Pallipuram, Shamon Jacob, Raju Zacharia, Somu Mathew, Abey Paul, Johney Kunnil coordinated the program. 

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