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THAMIMA hosts Iftar called ‘SouhrudaThanima’
July 11, 2015, 12:35 pm

THANIMA, the secular socio-cultural Group has arranged an ‘Íftar’ named  SouhrudaThanima,  at United Indian School auditorium, Abbassiya.  The fast breaking get-together was attended by community leaders, representatives from different religious faiths, social and cultural organizations, audio-visual media and well-wishers.

Abdul Rahim, Fr. Kochumon Thomas and Vinod Kumar delivered messages on the occasion highlighting the dangers of religious fanaticism leading to terrorist activities by a minority, that has become a nightmare for the peace loving majority today. They vehemently criticized those sick minds and stressed that all religions advocates peaceful co-existence, even while following one’s own religious faith.  Fasting  is a mechanism for purification, self-restraint giving a chance to be close with the Creator.  It is also a reminder to wake up and understand one’s responsibility to his fellow being. 

Maju Karipal (Gen. Convener) and Iqbal Kuttamangalam (Jt. Convener) also spoke on the occasion. 

Raghunathan Nair, Rose Kattukallil, Dileep Nair, Mukundan Edavana, Sabu Peter, Shaji Varghese, Jins Mathew, Shamon Jacob, Alex Varghese, Abey Paul, James Mathew, Benoy Abraham, Thomas Hidine, Jacob Mathew, Sanish George, Geormon Joseph, Jino Abraham, Jojimon Thomas, Lalu Mathew, Manoj Kumar, Nishant Joseph, Pratapan Mannar, Raju Zachariah, Savyo Job, Siju George, Johney Kunnil, Usha Dileep, Beena Paul, Suni Benny, Jessy James were behind in organizing the function. 

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