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TEDx AlShuwaikh to be held at JACC
September 12, 2017, 3:42 pm

TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) is a non-profit that organizes annual conferences on a wide range of topics in more than 100 languages in venues around the world. TED is a global community committed to ‘spreading ideas’ and believe passionately in the power of ideas to change attitudes, lives and, ultimately, the world.

TEDx shows are independently run events held around the world, where live TED-like talks and shows are shared with the community. On 16 September, 2017, Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Centre on the Gulf Road will be the venue for this year’s TEDx AlShuwaikh.

The theme of this year’s TEDx AlShuwaikh will center around the theme of ‘Sparks’, with ten speakers selected out of hundreds of entries, discussing various topics that spark discussion. The event, which will also be accessible through a live stream, will consist of a series of three sessions of short talks, from 3 minutes to 18 minutes, with breaks in between to encourage further creative discussion among speakers, partners and the audience.

TEDxAlShuwaikh, which will be hosted by famous media personality Ali Najim, will celebrate unique ideas and innovations in technology, entertainment and design, along with expertise from leading members, or ‘idea heroes’, of Kuwait with a successful record of innovation in their fields of practice.

Among the speakers at this year’s TEDx AlShuwaikh are:

  • Khaled Mahdi, Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for Planning and Development in Kuwait and the program director of the Country Action Program of UNDP in Kuwait with his talk on the Future Role of Governments.
  • Muthla AlSayer, CEO of Tagstone, with her idea on ‘’Kuyashii’’, using the words of doubters as energy to succeed.
  • Nada Faris, the poet and writer also known as ‘Kuwait’s Finest’, with her talk on ‘Perception is only an ink stain away’.
  • Kevin Mathews, a student of New English School Kuwait and founder of the Tareq Rajab Docent Program, talking on how challenges turn into opportunities.

These are just some of the broad subjects that will be discussed at the event, with many more ideas shared by an equally diverse panel of creative enthusiasts.


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