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TCS organizes awareness seminar on personal investment and insurance
December 7, 2016, 1:43 pm

Telangana Chaitanya Sravanthi, (TCS) -Kuwait in association with Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) International, W.L.L, conducted an awareness seminar on the topic of ‘Personal Investment and Insurance Options’ session for its members and their guests on 10 November, 2016 at the M/s Global Technology Company (GTC) hall.  TCS, Kuwait has enlisted the aspects of awareness and training as two of four prime objectives in its Constitution. Towards the pursue of these objectives, TCS Kuwait organized for the second time this year a joint awareness seminar, this time with a reputed firm M/s LIC International, Kuwait.

The seminar began with the lighting of the “Enlightenment Lamp” by the distinguished and venerable main presenter of the evening, Dewesh Kumar, Regional Country Manager, LIC-Int, M.G.Shaker, Senior Consultant, LIC-Int, Vijaya Kumar, Trainer from Heartfullness Organization, along with the other Advisors, Sreeram Taduri, and E. Prabhakar, in the presence of all the Executive Committee members of TCS, Kuwait.

Pachnuri Surendar, the Area Coordinator, who compered the event, invited the speakers on to dais. After the Telangana Prayer song,  Sreeram Taduri made few important announcements on safety aspects and cleanliness. TCS President, Srinivas Vaidyula welcomed all the eminent guests, the presenters, and the fraternity of TCS. He highlighted the importance of the event proceedings, which included presentations on Personal investment and Insurance, and Heartfulness program benefits. Later he made few important announcements on data needed and upcoming event.

TCS, Kuwait, a non-profit socio-cultural organization of Telanganites residing in Kuwait, is solidly being built on its four core pillars of Objectives and Aims – Happiness, Awareness, Training, and Cultural celebrations.

This event was further enhanced awareness of its members by having it clubbed with another self-development meditation session of “Heartfulness approach to Sahaj Marg Meditation” which was ably conducted by the Heartfulness Trainers Mr. Vijaya Kumar Kidambi and Mr. Ganesh Devadoss.

The awareness session was conducted in a span of approximately forty minutes, consisted of a brief overview of Heartfulness Meditation, a beautiful short Video clipping of the Worldwide Heartfulness Movement and an interview with Global Guide for Heartfulness Meditation Rev. Kamlesh D. Patel in the ‘Manasa’  programme of the ENA Life TV channel (with Telugu dubbing), guided relaxation followed by Heartfulness Meditation with Yogic Transmission etc.

Vijay Kumar of Heartfulness made a fine concluding remarks and extended an open invitation for the new seekers by sharing of the contact details of the Trainers and distributing Heartfulness brochure. All the members present expressed that they had undergone a brief transformation in this short meditation session.

The event partners, LIC International Company, a 37 years old exchange company, made a presentation of their products and services to the members of Telangana Chaitanya Sravanthi (TCS). Top class customer service and responsiveness is the key differentiator of the Company. Customers look upto Kuwait India for information, analysis and guidance on NRI schemes, taxation, exchange rates, saving and investment options.

Mr. Dewesh Kumar, RCM, LIC International, Kuwait, showcased on the glorious journey of their firm during the last four decades doing a service of absolute commitment, total dedication, proven reliability and promptness from their staff and senior management to various residents of Kuwait including the vast Indian diaspora. He detailed out on various aspects of insurance and why individuals should have adequate coverage considering their risk assessment based on their personal income, age, standard of living, physical health parameters etc. He informed the gathering that the company has robust systems and excellent correspondent service arrangements to ensure smooth and faster realization of claims to the beneficiaries. 

It is a top corporate firm and has been commended by the authorities for its governance and compliance to standards. The whole elaborate presentation was a superb compilation of data, information and facts which were ably explained by Dewesh Kumar, keeping the ordinary clients in mind. It was way above promotional session but a general enlightment talk on insurance and investment.

All the members present listened to him with keen interest and rapt attention. During the seminar, which was essentially a non-entertainment event, the entire audience sat through late in the evening with intense curiosity and concentration forgetting their hunger. It was a real ‘sitting’ testimony of grand success of this joint event.

All the presenters were honored for their effort in empowering and training the TCS, Kuwait members. Mr. Karuna Shankar felicitated Mr. Dewesh Kumar, Mr. Shekar by Mr. Janardhan  and Mr. Viajaya kumar by Mr.Naidu draping them with shawls. Mr. Ramesh Gotla, Joint secretary, Communications proposed the vote of thanks. He thanked Dewesh Kumar, Mr. Shaker, Mr. Vijaya Kumar, Mr. Ganesh, for their motivational and excellent informative talks on finance related matters as well as mediation.

He thanked Mr. Ramadoss of M/s. Global Technology Company for making available their hall for this event. He thanked M/s Vasanth Bhavan, a newly established vegetarian restaurant in Mahboula, Kuwait, which served a delicious dinner hosted by M/s LIC. 

He thanked the Executive Body, Advisors, and Area Coordinators, and praised the efforts of the executives and volunteers who worked for this event – Srinivas Vaidyula, Origanti Ramesh, Mandala Ramesh, Mr. Surendar, Mr. Naresh, Mr. Janardhan, Mr. S. Narayana, Mr. P. Sharma, Mrs. Ranjita Paul, Mr.Sreeram, Mr. Prabhaker, Mr.Sridhar, etc. Logistics and Sound systems were looked after by both the Joint Secretaries Mr. Ramesh Gotla and Mr. Origanti Ramesh. The show was superbly compered by Mr. Pachunuri Surendar.

TCS, Kuwait, is growing day by day with the full commitment and perseverance of all the members and the Executive Committee. It is the second event in this month of this functional year attended by a large gathering after the new committee has taken over, demonstrating plenty of vitality and zest.

The event ended with singing of the Indian National Anthem. A photo session was followed by a delicious sumptuous dinner hosted by LIC International prepared by Vasanth Bhavan, Mahboula. The members performed Swatcch TCS Kuwait task in the end, and left the hall in neat and tidy condition. TCS is constantly striving for inculcating swatcch / cleanliness concept among its members, every time ending their events with Swatcch TCS,Kuwait tasks by all its volunteers.




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