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TCS celebrates annual day and Ugadi festival
May 4, 2016, 9:08 am

Telangana Chaitanya Sravanthi, (TCS-Kuwait) celebrated their Annual Day combined with Ugadi festival on 22 April at Fintas Hall in the presence of its members, families, friends along with invited guests and sponsors. The Chief Guest of the event, Deshapathi Srinivas, Officer-On-Special Duty to the Chief Minister of Telangana State K. Chandrashekar Rao, was flown from Hyderabad to participate in the celebrations and inspire the Telangana diaspora residing in Kuwait.

The Ugadi cum Annual celebrations began with the lighting of the Bhadradeepam by the distinguished Chief Guest, Deshapathi Srinivas, R.Kuppanna, The General Manager of Kuwait India International Exchange Company along with Kuppanna, and Narsing Rao and Srinivas Vaidyula. The event commenced with a beautiful dance evoking the blessings of Ganesha, charmingly performed by Vishnupriya, followed by the Telangana Song.

Sreeram Tanduri, the Vice President, welcomed the honorable Chief Guest, sponsors, other distinguished guests, members, their families and children. His welcome address encompassed some important safety aspects and Swatcch Bharath message besides covering the activities enlisted later in the evening. It was followed by two classical dance performances by Niveditha and Sooraj. All appreciated the efforts of all the three dance performers and congratulated their parents for the encouragement and support they have been giving. They were presented with mementos on their stellar performances.

Later, TCS President, Srinivas Vaidyula greeted all the Telangana fraternity with best wishes on the occasion of Ugadi, which is the beginning day of the Telugu New Year. He thanked Sri Deshapathi Srinivas for accepting their invitation to be part of these celebrations. He elaborated on the aims and objectives of the organization that is solidly being built on its four core pillars of Strength – Happiness, Awareness, Training, and Cultural celebrations. He reminded all to keep the spirit of Telangana alive and urged all to remember for what the people fought for separate state formation. He elaborated on the arduous journey culminating to its present status and requested all the members to come more openly to support the association and be an active member in all its tasks. He thanked his executive body, advisors, and area coordinators, and praised the efforts of the unsung stout volunteers like Sri Krishna Rao, Ashok Garlapati, KondalReddy, Sahadev, Janardhan, Aravind, Ramesh Oruganti, Naresh, Praveen, Srisailam, Ramakrishna, Gopal Rao and P. Sharma who contributed extensively to the success of the various events including the Annual Day.  Muralidhar Reddy, General Secretary presented an Annual Report on the activities of the Association as well as welfare related tasks.

After presenting the mementos to the all the sponsors including the premium event sponsor MECC as well as playing the promos of M/s Joy Alukkas and M/s Malabar Gold, the floor was given to our upcoming and promising singers like Satyanarayana aka Sathaih, Sridhar Goud and Kancherla Anil. They also made brilliant renditions of Telangana melodious numbers. All the three singers were presented with mementos. Meantime, the association also facilitated the promotion of a ‘Heartfulness’ meditation program, as it was a free non-profit invitation.

The cynosure of all the eagerly waiting eyes of the audience and the all-important celebrity of the day, Deshapathi Srinivas, a prominent fiery inspiring speaker, writer, singer, actor, regular TV panelist and OSD to T-State CM took over amid long thunderous welcoming applause from the enthusiastic audience. He spoke brilliantly on what has been achieved so far by the new government in the fields of agriculture, irrigation, education, social welfare, language, cultural aspects, with brief experiences on his visits to labor campsin Kuwait and their living difficulties, interlaced with splendid mellifluous singing of songs written on powerful lyrics and composed on rhythmic musical rhapsody. It is no wonder that the almost two long hours looked so short and the crowd was longing for even more. This non-stop two hour longinspiring speech cum enthralling singing performance by our chief guest when came to an end, everyone gave aim prompt standing ovation complemented by relentless deafening clapping.

Later, the Chief Guest was felicitated by the elder distinguished members of the Association like GajulaSubhash, Narsing Rao, and R.Kuppanna. Sreeram, TCS Vice President presented a memorandum of appeal to the CM of Telangana State in which several steps and suggestions for the betterment of the Telangana diaspora living in Kuwait including the dire need of a direct flight between Kuwait and Hyderabad. Deshapathi Srinivas, the honorable chief guest thanked TCS, Kuwait and expressed happiness to celebrate Telangana Culture for the first time in Kuwait. He informed that he would do his best to actively support the needy and taking up their problems at the appropriate channels of the state government. He appreciated the efforts of all the members. Santhosh Reddy, Joint Secretary presented the vote of thanks.

On this occasion the Chief Guest along with the Executive Body, Advisors Prem Kumar and E.Prabhakar, and other elder well-wishers released a Souvenir, which included a list of URLs of major MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses) platforms which can be accessed from the cozy confines of their homes and some prominent skills training institutes as a part of their organizational drive to improve educational skills of its members.

TCS, Kuwait is growing day by day with the full commitment and dedication of all the members and the Executive Body. This is the eighth event attended by a large gathering in less than a year of formation, displaying abundance of energy and enthusiasm. The program was well compered by Swapna. The event ended with photo session followed by dinner and Swatcch Bharath tasks.TCS is constantly striving for timely starting of their events and ending them with committed completion of Swatcch Bharath tasks, both which have been successfully complied with.

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