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TCS celebrates 2nd Anniversary of Telangana state
June 7, 2016, 12:14 pm

Telangana Chaitanya Sravanthi (TCS-Kuwait), celebrated the 2nd anniversary of Telangana  State Formation Day on 2 June at Global Technology Company (GTC) with active support and encouragement of the Government of Telangana Mr. Harikrishna, Director, Language and Culture, Deshapathi Srinvas, Officer on Special Duty to honorable Chief Minister of Telangana State, in a grand style with a large presence of its members, families, friends along with the invited guests and the GTC staff. The Chief Guest of the Event, Mr. Ramadoss, Chief Executive Officer of the GTC along with Mr. Narsing Rao, Consultant, participated enthusiastically and shared the moments of joy along with the Telangana diaspora in Kuwait in the festivities of the evening.

The Telangana State was formed on 2 June, 2014, after a prolonged great struggle of over five decades, through innumerable sacrifices of hundreds of youth who gave away their lives for the cause and unflinching fighting spirit of the movement’s architects like Late Prof. Jayashankarji, and honorable Chief Minister, K. Chandrashekar Raoji, and the entire population of Telangana from all walks of life.

It was only be befitting that this day should not only be celebrated to commemorate those sacrifices but also joyously revel in the celebration of fantastic achievements in these two years that could only be possible through much needed self-governance, executed by the honorable CM of the Telangana state.

The Formation Day celebrations began with the lighting of the Bhadradeepam by the distinguished Chief Guest, Mr. Ramadoss, Narsing Rao, Sudha Srinivas, Padma Sreeram and Prem Kumar. Miss Arundhati started the event with a beautiful rendition of a prayer. The young singer also sang with great devotion the Telangana song during which the audience stood up and sang along with the young singer.
Sreeram Taduri, the Vice President, welcomed the honorable Chief Guest, sponsors, other distinguished guests, members, their families and children and large diaspora invited persons. His welcome address encompassed some important safety aspects and Clean-Kuwait message besides covering all the achievements of Telangana State Government in the past two years in brief. Muralidhar Reddy, General Secretary, spoke about the history and culture of Telangana region and engaged the audience in a quiz about the names of some of the major towns and cities. The Chief Guest, Mr. Ramadoss, gave an inspiring speech in Telugu, Hindi/Urdu and English, seamlessly intermixing the three languages like a true Hyderabadi, and derived from his own experiences in the Telangana region. His message touched the hearts of everyone present – Through hard work and sincere efforts, anything is possible and urged everyone to follow their dreams and aim for high.

TCS President, Mr. Srinivas Vaidyula congratulated and greeted all the Telangana fraternity with best wishes on this Formation day by recalling his childhood memories of the Telangana struggle and the endless wait for seeing this day. He reminded everyone that even though the Telangana Statehood has been achieved, it is not the time to rest… The people have yet to re-establish a suzerainty in all spheres of Telangana related affairs like Contracts, Business, Education, Politics, Industry, Media, Cinema, Arts, Sports etc., through fair open competitive means, which continue to rest with others than the people of Telangana. He further elaborated on the aims and objectives of the organization that is solidly being built on its four core pillars of Strength – Happiness, Awareness, Training, and Cultural celebrations.

He reminded all to keep the spirit of Telangana alive and urged all to remember for what the people fought for the formation of a separate state. He elaborated on the arduous journey culminating to its present status of the Association and requested all the members to come more openly to support the Association and be an active member in all its tasks. He thanked Mr. Ramadoss for accepting their invitation to be part of these celebrations. He thanked Mr. Narsing Rao, for supporting in all stages of this event organization.

The Chief Guest of the Event, Mr. Ramadoss and elder member of TCS, Kuwait Mr. Narsing Rao were felicitated by the Advisors of the Association, Mr. Prem Kumar and Mr. Prabhakar, by draping them with Shawls. Miss Arundhati for her lovely singing performance and Miss Pratishta, who scored 10 out of 10 GPA in her Class X CBSE exams were presented with a memento each.

A minute of silence was observed for the souls of all the persons who sacrificed their lives for the separate Telangana state cause. After speeches, cultural events were organized. Sridhar Goud, Kancherla Anil, Sathaiah sang some inspiring Telangana theme based songs including a beautiful composition encompassing the greatness of all the districts of Telangana state. Mr. Rakesh also sang a lovely song. In between the songs Anita Ashok, conducted a very interesting Telangana based Quiz competition, which was enjoyable. Spot prizes arranged by herself and Ashok Garlapati, were distributed to the winners. All appreciated the efforts of the quizmaster and the five singers, and congratulated them on their stellar performances.

Prem Kumar, the Advisor to TCS, Kuwait proposed the vote of thanks. He thanked Mr. Ramadoss and Mr. Narsing Rao of Global Technology Company for allowing the use of their hall for this event. He thanked his Executive Body, Advisors, and Area Coordinators, and praised the efforts of the volunteers of this event Ashok Garlapati, Kondal Reddy, Janardhan, Srisailam, Gopal Rao, P. Sharma, Mahesh Goud etc. Logistics and Sound systems were looked after by both the Joint Secretaries Mr. Ramesh Gotla and Mr. Santhosh Reddy, together.

TCS, Kuwait is growing day by day with the full commitment and dedication of all the members and the Executive Body. This is the tenth event attended by a large gathering in less than a year of its formation, displaying abundance of energy and enthusiasm. The program was well compered by Sujatha Laxma Reddy. The event ended with photo session followed by dinner and Swatcch Kuwait tasks. TCS is constantly striving for timely starting of their events and ending them with committed completion of Swatcch Kuwait tasks.

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