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TCS-Kuwait organizes joint seminar in association with KIIEC
October 8, 2016, 10:52 am

Telangana Chaitanya Sravanthi, TCS-Kuwait in association with Kuwait India International Exchange Company, W.L.L, conducted an “Awareness Cum Training” session for its members and their guests on 22 September, at the M/s Global Technology Company (GTC) air conditioned hall.  TCS, Kuwait has enlisted these two aspects of awareness and training as their prime objectives in its Constitution to train their folks and this joint seminar experiment was one such endeavor on that pathway.

The seminar began with the lighting of the “Enlightenment Lamp” by the distinguished and venerable main presenter of the evening, Mr. Kuppanna, GM-KIIEC, along with the other prominent invitees Mr. Narsing Rao, Consultant at GTC, the erudite speakers, Mr. Chinnaiyan, DGM-KIIEC, Mr. Chinmaya, AGM-KIIEC, Mr. Ashok Garlapati, Mr. Laxma Reddy, and the General Secretary of TCS, Mr. Kondal Reddy, in the presence of all the Executive Council members of TCS, Kuwait.

Mr. Pachnuri Surendar, the Area Coordinator, invited the speakers on to dais and handed over the floor to TCS President, Mr. Srinivas Vaidyula after the Telangana Prayer song, and making few important announcements on cleanliness and upcoming events. He welcomed all the eminent guests, the presenters, and the fraternity of TCS. He highlighted the importance of the event proceedings, which included five presentations on financial awareness, HSE career prospects and personal development related training. These topics were assiduously chosen to be delivered by very knowledgeable specialists in their fields, who have had a collective wisdom, vast experience and unwavering commitment in their chosen fields of expertise spanning a total of over 160 years. He stressed that education is an integral part of the life of every individual beginning from the mother’s womb to the eternal rest. Change is the only thing that is constant and to cope with, it is extremely important to keep learning. He said today a battery of five outstanding personalities led by Mr. Kuppanna, the fountainhead of wisdom, skill and vast experience along with two banking professionals and two technical experts are going to educate, empower, and enlighten the TCS members and urged all to learn from this exalted platform adorned by this venerable expert panel. Needless to say, three of the five presenters were from the TCS, Kuwait itself.

TCS, Kuwait, a non-profit socio-cultural organization of Telanganites residing in Kuwait, is solidly being built on its four core pillars of Objectives and Aims – Happiness, Awareness, Training, and Cultural celebrations. He reminded all to keep the spirit of Telangana alive and urged all to remember for what the people fought for separate state formation. He elaborated on the arduous journey culminating to its present status of the Association and requested all the members to come more openly to support the Association and be an active member in all its tasks.

The event partners, Kuwait India International Exchange Company, a 37 years old exchange company, made a presentation of their products and services to the members of Telangana Chaitanya Sravanthi (TCS). Top class customer service and responsiveness is the key differentiator of the Company. Customers look upto Kuwait India for information, analysis and guidance on NRI schemes, taxation, exchange rates, saving and investment options.

Mr. Chinnaiyan, DGM, Kuwait India, showcased on the glorious journey of their firm during the last four decades doing a service of absolute commitment, total dedication, proven reliability and promptness from their staff and senior management to various residents of Kuwait including the vast Indian diaspora. He detailed out on various products and services. He informed that Kuwait India established in 1979 by State Bank of India, was formally managed by the executives deputed by the bank from India till mid 1990s. Due to the regulatory changes, SBI’s ownership and management ended in mid 1990s. However, Kuwait India continues to be managed by former SBI executives. It is the only company in Kuwait where all the top executives are ex-SBI executives with a cumulative banking experience of over 125 years in various areas of banking. He further informed the gathering that the company has robust systems and excellent correspondent arrangements to ensure smooth and faster credits of the remittances to the beneficiaries’ accounts.  It is a top corporate firm and has been commended by the authorities for its governance and compliance to standards.

Mr. K. Chinmaya, Assistant General Manager, Kuwait India made a presentation on the Company’s online remittance facilities – KIRAN (Kuwait India  Remittance Arrangement on Net). He informed that the online remittance system has been duly approved by the Central Bank of Kuwait. This is a very user friendly and fail safe system which can be used by the registered customers of the company either from the cozy confines of their home or from anywhere in the world, 24x7 and on all days, including holidays, at a click of a button. Both Mr.Chinnaiyan and Mr. Chinmaya were excellent and very focused in driving home the aspects of KIIEC business ethics, functioning, intended benefits, reliable systems based online transactions etc.

Mr. Kuppanna, General Manager of Kuwait India, a very popular and well-known person among the business, social and industrial communities of Kuwait for his business acumen, experience and training skills gave a talk on “Personal Financial Planning” clearly elucidating its nuances for different age and income groups. He explained the investment strategies and emphasized the need for financial planning for wealth creation and a secure future. He kept the audience glued to his enlightening message – “Save You Must”, but at a self-determined personal comfort level backed by good guidance and clear understanding of acceptable level of risk. The audience listened with keenness and rapt attention. Especially, the womenfolk in the audience asked several probing questions with great enthusiasm throughout this inspirational session. The unequivocal message by the respected and exalted presenter was delivered in a simple, straightforward and down to earth diction and style, which touched the hearts and minds of everyone defying language barriers.

Mr. Ashok Garlapati, the current Global Vice-President of American Society of Safety Engineers, a winner of several International and National awards in the field of HSE, and a senior professional in the oil and gas industry, gave a very informative and motivating talk on the topic of “Career Development Opportunities in HSE Field” based on his vast experience of nearly 30 years. He informed about the opportunities available in this field, not just for engineers but also for technicians, non-technical persons, homemakers and even persons who have just passed the School-leaving certificate. He spoke about various paid and freely available certificate and certification courses.

Lastly, Mr. Laxma Reddy, a senior professional and an expert in the oil and gas field inspection and corrosion services, and a renowned trainer of NDT and Personal Skills, spoke on the topic of “Personal Development” and what it takes to succeed in life in his passionate style leaving a lasting impression on everyone. He emphasized that the productive transformation of education and skills, one acquires in their life, can only be achieved if it is actioned with a very positive attitude. Then only one can act and deliver results to the satisfaction of their Employers.

During the seminar, which was essentially a non-entertainment event, the entire audience sat with intense curiosity and concentration.

All the presenters were honored for their effort in empowering and training the TCS, Kuwait members. Mr. Narsing Rao felicitated Mr. Kuppanna, Mr. Chinnaiyan by Mr. Janardhan, Mr. Chinmaya by Mr. Oruganti, Mr. Ashok Garlapati by Mr. Gotla and Mr. Laxma Reddy by Dr. Indeevar by draping them with shawls. Mr. Kondal Reddy the General Secretary, TCS, Kuwait proposed the vote of thanks.

He thanked Mr. Kuppanna, Mr. Chinnaiyan, and Mr. Chinmaya for their motivational and informative excellent informative talks on finance related matters. He thanked Mr. Ramadoss and Mr. Narsing Rao of M/s. Global Technology Company for making available their hall for this event. He thanked M/s Vasanth Bhavan, a newly established vegetarian restaurant in Mahboula, Kuwait, which served a delicious dinner hosted by M/s KIIEC.  He thanked the Executive Body, Advisors, and Area Coordinators, and praised the efforts of the executives and volunteers who worked for this event – Mr. Srinivas Vaidyula, Mr. Prem kumar, Mr. Gotla Ramesh, Mr. Origanti Ramesh, Mr. Mandala Ramesh, Mr. Surendar, Mr. Naresh, Mr. Janardhan, Mr. Srisailam, Mr. S. Narayana, Mr. P. Sharma, Mrs. Ranjita Paul, Mr. Sridhar, etc. Logistics and Sound systems were looked after by both the Joint Secretaries Mr. Ramesh Gotla and Mr. Origanti Ramesh. Photos were captured through the professional lenses of Mr. Laxma Reddy.

TCS, Kuwait, is growing day by day with the full commitment and perseverance of all the members and the Executive Committee. It is the second event in this month of this functional year attended by a large gathering after the new committee has taken over, demonstrating plenty of vitality and zest. The event ended with singing of the Indian National Anthem. A photo session was followed by a delicious sumptuous dinner hosted by KIIEC prepared by Vasanth Bhavan, Mahboula. The members performed Swatcch TCS Kuwait task in the end, and left the hall in neat and tidy condition. TCS is constantly striving for inculcating swatcch / cleanliness concept among its members, every time ending their events with Swatcch TCS, Kuwait tasks by all its volunteers.

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