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TCS-Kuwait celebrated their colorful Bathukamma Festival
October 20, 2015, 11:49 am

Telangana Chaitanya Sravanthi, TCS-Kuwait celebrated their unique Bathukamma Festival on the evening of 14 October, 2015 at Udayam AC Hall at Mahboula, Kuwait with a large gathering of its members and their families along with invited guests. The Bathukamma celebrations began with the lighting of the Bhadradeepam by the distinguished Guests, Afsal Khan, The Regional Director and Mr. Vibin, Marketing Head from M/s Malabar Gold and Diamonds Jewelry, Kuwait and distinguished Patron Sri Gajula Subhash Garu, representing both the Association as well as his employers M/s Al Arfaj Engineering Company. Prayer was performed by Sri R.Sharma garu, which was followed Telangana Song singing. Sri Rajesham Nadimetla garu, the Joint Secretary, General Affairs gave a Welcome address explaining the significance of the occasion and activities of the TCS, Kuwait.

TCS President, Sri Srinivas Vaidyula Garu welcomed the honourable guests and members, and elaborated on the aims and objectives of the organization that is solidly being built on its four core pillars of strength – Happiness, Awareness, and Training and Cultural celebrations. He reminded all to keep the spirit of Telangana alive and for what the separate state was formed.

He explained about the significance of the festival that humanizes love and benevolence, bringing people from all walks of life to come together and celebrate the nature and life, rising above parochial barriers of caste, creed or religion. He thanked the M/s Malabar Gold and Diamonds for being the maiden sponsors and M/s Al-Arfaj Engineering for being the second sponsor. TCS, Kuwait is growing day by day with the full commitment and dedication of all the members and the Executive Body.

This is the fifth such event attended by a large gathering in as many months, displaying abundance of energy and enthusiasm. Afsal Khan, the honourable chief guest of our Maiden Sponsors, M/s Malabar Gold thanked TCS and shared happiness to celebrate Telangana Culture for the first time.

He informed that their Group actively supports the needy in cases of emergency and educational activities. Sri G. Subhash garu shared his nostalgic memories of the Telangana agitation and urged all the youngsters present to actively upgrade themselves and do service to the region, nation and society. He appreciated the efforts of all the members. Bathukamma Festival is nothing but the celebration of life and nature. It signifies how much the Telanganites interlace their lives with the environment and its flora. The Festival ends on a Day before the grand Dasara festival. The theme is to take from nature and give it back to mother earth, by immersing the flowers ensembled in the flowing water streams or ubiquitous lakes found all over the Telangana. The flowers that are traditionally used are believed to purify the waters.

Children joining their elders during this duration of nine auspicious days get a practical fun filled coaching of respecting and caring for the nature through playful pageantry and pomp evenings of playing Bathukamma. The Womenfolk and girls dressed in choicest silk sarees from the famous Telangana Silk handlooms of Pochampally, Gadwal, NarayanPet, Kothakota in vibrant dazzling colours played around the Bathukamma singing folk songs, rhythmically clapping and gracefully dancing around Bathukammas placed in the Centre.

The Bathukammas are placed on beautiful colourful rangolis. The different flowers were flown especially from Hyderabad, India just before the grand occasion, were arranged in an ensemble of rows of different colored flowers arranged in a conical shape, beautifully decorated and skillfully balanced purely with natural flora. All Telanganites and guests expressed happiness, thrill and exuberance of emotional nostalgia for this function that took them back to their yesteryears of Bathukamma Celebrations in their homes along with their loved ones. The Children put up a grand display of their talents spearheaded by the semi-classical dazzling dance performance by young Nivedita stole the show, followed by soothing Guitar play by Vishnu Priya, Slokha recital by Avanish, devotional songs by Prasanna and Prathishta. Sri Sathaiha garu also enthralled the audience with bhakthi songs.

This was followed by distribution of prizes of Sports Day conducted on 25th Sept, 2015 at Fintas Park and the Bathukamma function. Joint Secretary, DB&S, Sri Santosh Byru garu proposed the vote of thanks, enlisting the sponsors, Sports Committee headed by Janab Syed Ghouse sahib and his team, Ladies Wing headed by Smt. Praveena garu and her team, Comperes Sri Prem Kumar garu and Smt Sandhya garu, Bathukamma and Rangoli makers Smt. Radha garu, Smt Kavitha garu , Smt Sudha garu and Aravind Garu, Sri Naresh garu, Sri Ramesh garu, event managers, Sri Ramesh Gotla garu, Aravind garu, Sri Gopal Rao garu, Sri P.Sharma garu, Sri R.Sharma garu, Sri Ravi garu and others. The event ended with a gala dinner served by M/s Udayam followed by a photo session.

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