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TACK International meets with CEO of ICC to enchance cricket in Kuwait
June 18, 2015, 11:53 am

TACK- Teams Association for Cricket in Kuwait (TACK) and MG Cricket Club, continuing with their mission of serving and enhancing the game of cricket in Kuwait; recently met with the CEO of the International Cricket Council (ICC), Dave Richardson, in the headquarters of ICC in Dubai, to discuss a variety of ideas and plans in order to further develop an infrastructure of cricket in Kuwait which can eventually be on par to that of the UAE or even Qatar for that matter as far as the middle east region is concerned.

TACK International in collaboration with MGCC has as many as 7 gorgeous desert grounds in the areas of hateen and sulaibikhat along with their most coveted cricket facility in the picturesque area of entertainment city in Doha which is now famously known as the TACK Entertainment City Cricket Ground (TACK-TEC).

Ever Since the successful acquisition of the entertainment city cricket ground in the year 2013 by TACK International, cricket has seen a magnamous boom in all the different formats of the game in Kuwait. The back to back festival of Huawei’s 4 nations in the year 2013 and 2014 has taken cricket to an international standard as far as marketing, branding and providing top quality cricket to all the stakeholders is concerned with the presence of international superstars.

The domestic t-20 tournaments, the unique Kerala premier league, the successful corporate league, the inspiring children’s cricket academy, the flourishing T-10 Ramadan league and the grand manner in which the finals of all these tournaments take place, TACK-MG has set standards that is enticing people including the local Kuwaitis to get involved in the game of cricket like never before.

TACK International kick started the 2015 – 2016 cricket season under the auspices of Hon. Secretary General of Kuwait Cricket (ICC recognized), Haider Farman who’s leadership and vision has allowed new members in the council to play a vital role in the betterment of cricket in Kuwait. Be it the ACC U-19 premier Asia Cup which was hosted by Kuwait in November earlier last year, or the recently concluded ACC t20 cup in Dubai in which Kuwait came 2nd to Oman, the new formation of the council and the coming together of the hard working professionals is paving the way for quality and more quantity of cricket in Kuwait. As a result, the focus now is glued to division based domestic tournaments and these domestic tournaments will soon be centralized amongst all the leading cricket centers as per the guidance of Haider Farman and the chairman of the council, Emad Al Jassam.

Taking the game of cricket in Kuwait to the next level, the patron in chief of TACK International, Mahmoud Abdullah, a renowned Kuwaiti who has led the TACK-MG team from the front ever since their successful collaboration, and the director of domestic cricket and marketing, Sajid Ashraf during their meeting in the ICC headquarters, briefed the CEO, Dave Richardson upon the possibilities of developing their entertainment city cricket ground in Doha in order to be able to meet the standards and requirements set by ICC itself.

The summary and brief of the meeting with Dave Richardson was accordingly given to the secretary general of Kuwait Cricket, Haider Farman, who has played a pivotal role in first, affiliating Kuwait Cricket with the Asian Cricket Council and then associating Kuwait Cricket with ICC under the leadership of Sheikh Dhari Fahed Al Ahmad Al Sabah. Haider Farman is pleased with the progress of the new council members and the coming new season will see productive and effective progress for the betterment of cricket in Kuwait.

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