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T-Shirts under slip dresses trend
July 28, 2016, 10:51 am

When it comes to layering clothes, the options are endless. Whenever summer rolls around, women revel in the opportunity to mix and match, try new combinations and play around with their wardrobe. This season’s coolest way to wear a t-shirt is under a slip dress, and with the right styling tips, your favorite pieces will be so fashion-forward. Here are some outfit formulas you need to start copying:

Dress down a fancy slip dress with a slogan tee: Chances are a shimmering or a lace fancy slip dress won't sit well at the office or a family get-together. One solution is to knock down the richness of the slip dress with a casual stylish option such as a crisp white shirt. A slinky, sparkle-covered slip can feel surprisingly laid-back with just a slouchy graphic T-shirt and equally low-key footwear. Wearing a shirt with big sleeves adorned with a little detailing wouldn't hurt either.

Try a monotone ensemble: For a cool monotone-inspired look, choose a similar color for your slip dress and t-shirt. The end result will appear a little more polished as the two clothing items complement each other seamlessly.

Don’t be afraid to experiment; play around with different textures in the same color or with similar shades. For example, you can create some interest in your ensemble by bringing together cream and white tones for a classy outfit.

The rules work even if it is a LBD (little black dress), simply pick all your accessories and other pieces in black, focusing on modern designs. It is a great way to sass up this new trend.

Go for a black-and-white game:  Timeless and easy, white T-shirts and black spaghetti-strap shifts go together flawlessly. Because both separates are so simple, your accessories will define your style. A good way to deck out your combo is with lots of on-point accessories such as statement jewelry and scarves. To upgrade the trend, go the ultra-fashion way with a houndstooth slip dress and a white or black shirt.  Maximize its chic aspect, avoid wearing the outfit with preppy staples like flats, and opt for high-fashion accessories instead.

Favor high-contrast textures:  There is one way to add diversity in your look in a more understated way, and that is by pairing various textures together. Think about the overall image to get it right, and that your outfit is a puzzle that needs to be put together when going about selecting from different textures. For example, a red or black silky slip dress is super versatile and can be matched with woolen sweaters or an off-shoulder striped cotton blouse.

Make a statement: Give the casual mainstay a new spin this summer with a bold colored t-shirt and a slip dress in a loud color. You can even make prints like florals fierce by throwing together an oversized slip dress with pretty florals and a mesh t-shirt, while coordinating heels and loud accessories give your look a fashion-forward boost. 

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