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Syrian trucker caught with massive cache of drug pills
July 23, 2018, 8:22 am

A Syrian truck driver was arrested for attempting to smuggle 377,000 Captagon pills into the country by hiding them in his heavy vehicle. In a press statement, Director General of General Customs Administration Consultant Jamal Al-Jalawi explained that the customs officers at Abdali border checkpoint suspected the driver of a heavy vehicle that arrived at the border checkpoint from Iraq.

They checked the vehicle and found the large quantity of Captagon pills. Consultant Al-Jalawi revealed that he went to Abdali border checkpoint’s customs office along with high-ranking officials where they saw the contraband, adding that he appreciated the customs officers at Abdali border checkpoint for their efforts in protecting the country and its people.

He declared that he visited the border checkpoint to send a clear message to all that Kuwaiti customs and each and every one of its officers are one team working together to serve Kuwait and its people.

According to Meehan Al-Saeedi, such a discovery did not happen by chance but due to daily efforts to enhance protection, the advanced courses provided by Ministry of Interior to the customs officers and the latest equipment currently at the checkpoints.

In addition, Assistant Supervisor of Abdali border checkpoint Mubarak Al-Shallahi said the heavy vehicle was checked carefully by the inspectors, highlighting the wide experience of the in charge officer.

Source: Arab Times

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