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Sustainable development 2030 is achievable if there is political, collective action - amb. Al-Otaibi
July 21, 2018, 10:17 am

 Kuwait, as being a participant in editing sustainable development 2030's agenda, believes such agenda can be achieved if political will and believe in the importance of joint comprehensive action are provided. This came in a speech of Permanent Representative of the State of Kuwait to the United Nations Ambassador Mansour Al-Otaibi, delivered before the high political forum for Sustainable Development 2018. Al-Otaibi said, "I trust the United Nations and its working agencies are capable of taking up the responsibility to follow through with implementation of sustainable development goals." Al-Otaibi expressed concern over the many challenges and dangers facing the contemporary world, such as poverty, underdevelopment, and the spread of diseases, terrorism, conflicts and violations of human rights. 

He said that environmental risks such as drought, desertification, lack of resources, pollution and climate change, all contributed in threatening international peace and security and increased the suffering of many people around the world. "Kuwaiti diplomacy is based on promoting international cooperation in all fields of development. It has always been keen to devote its efforts and capabilities to achieve the ambition of developing countries in improving their living status," he added. Furthermore, Kuwait have taken many technical and operational measures supported to overcome obstacles hindering sustainable development. "On top of these measures is the introduction of the environmental return system, which aims to create a framework for ensuring environmental sustainability as being one of the foundations of development planning," he said.

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