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Sushi Bar
July 24, 2016, 9:18 am

From Beirut’s uber chic Achrafiya district comes the crème de la crème of Japanese dining that is Sushi Bar, serving its upscale concept at the luxurious Hamra Tower. Offering a contemporary Japanese menu, traditional elements are elevated to another level of bountiful flavors using quality, imported ingredients that shine through with the addition of certain fusion dishes. Sushi Bar will impress you with their extensive menu that begins with small plates, seafood on ice selections and ends with kitchen specialties, Ura Maki heaven that promises a rich blend of innovative maki rolls, Temakis, special sushi’s and mouthwatering sashimi.

Popular dish: Spicy Salmon, a special Ura Maki with a combination of grilled spicy salmon, cucumber and crispy rice wrap.

Location: Al Hamra Luxury Center. Call, 2227 0300.

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