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Support system for stress relief
February 24, 2015, 4:35 pm

Women when stressed tend to reach out to other women for emotional support and express their feelings. Women like to talk about their feelings and tell their stories, usually to other women. Or sometimes, they turn to their best friends – salt, sugar and lots of chocolate. Sadly, food can easily become the source of stress eating.

To manage stress in a proactive manner:

Prepare for stress: Review and keep in mind what best brings you stress relief so you know what to do when stress builds up.

Cultivate Positive Friendships: Have friends you trust and feel safe with. Look for people who can provide you with a positive perspective, who stay calm under pressure, and who have emotional balance.

Talk to Friends: Talk to your friends and other women about your stressful situations. Choose people who will keep what you tell them confidential.

Learn to Set Personal Boundaries and Say ‘No’: When we want to say ‘No’ and instead say ‘Yes’ when friends request us to do something for them, we create stress for ourselves. Many women often find it challenging to say ‘No’ because they either remain unaware of what they want or fear saying ‘No’ and being rejected.

Learn to Nurture and Self-Sooth: Begin to develop the ability to recognize and accept your need to look after yourself. Only when we re-energize ourselves can we truly nurture others from our overflow. Eat some of your favorite food, listen to calming or uplifting music, go for a walk in nature, read a book, or do anything that nourishes you.


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