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Summer style tips
October 6, 2016, 2:11 pm

During an especially hot week in the country, you may want to skip certain clothing items or make other choices entirely to save yourself the feelings of discomfort.

If you are wondering what items are simply not worth wearing when it is very hot outside, look no further.  Here is a short list of the things to avoid wearing when you have to spend hours in the sweltering heat, and you want to be even semi-comfortable.

Rings: Think about avoiding the heavy rings, it isn’t worth the discomfort in such heat. After all, your hands are the first thing to swell in the summer, making your once-unnoticeable daily rings quite uncomfortable. Rather your best options are funky earrings or light layering necklaces to add flair to your attire.

Super-strappy sandals: This type of sandals especially those with thin straps on a warm day will dig into your feet, which not only feels bad, but isn't the best look either.  Go for the more comfortable choice of bright colored sneakers or sandals with a few thick straps to allow for easy mobility.

In addition, make sure to keep your shoes flat, open-toed, and sturdy, if you want to keep from sweat-slipping out of them. Also, make sure they are broken in before you start wearing them in the dog days of summer — that's just inviting blisters.

Anything silk, clingy or tight: While it is tempting to break out your favorite silky top for a chic summer outfit, as far as breathability goes, the fabric is among the lowest on the scale. Not only will you feel restricted, but you can end up ruining your clothing when you start sweating under the scorching heat. Instead, wear linen or cotton fabrics as both are absorbent and are ultra-breathable. Another reason linen is a good choice is because it stands away from the body, so it isn’t as clingy and a looser fit design allows air to flow for even more comfort.

If you don't have to, don't tuck things in. That extra bit of fabric pushed against your skin can feel oppressive. The answer lies in clothing that's cut right where it's supposed to stop. Slightly cropped tops can catch the errant breeze, but you won't feel sloppy. 

Too-tight jeans:  Jeans that start off tight in the morning will only get more restrictive as the day goes on. Combine that with heat and humidity, and you will be wishing you opted for a more forgiving option. Wear a roomy pair or loose-fitting pants for when you are spending the day outside.

Gray or black clothing: Black is an obvious one, as the color is known to attract heat, thus making you feel warmer, but have you ever stepped out in a grey T-shirt on a warm, summer day? Hopefully not, or you would know that the light shade is the quickest to reveal even the slightest sweat stains—which no one wants. Stick to bright colors and upbeat fashion in the right materials, and pick out loose fitting designs for maximum comfort. It is also often said that patterns camouflage perspiration a whole lot better than solid colors do.


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