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Summer nail trends
July 11, 2016, 12:46 pm

Many women prefer to stick with a regular beauty regime all year around, wearing the same combination of tinted moisturizer, concealer, mascara, and blush almost every day, switching up products only to test new ones.  But without fail, the one thing they change with the seasons is their nail polish color.

Anyone that has ever stepped into a nail salon knows the paradox of choice is a very real phenomenon and have felt the thrill of trying on new colors. Here are the top three nail polish trends for the summer.

Tangerine: If there is ever any time to ditch classic holiday red in exchange for a citrus hue, it is now. Orange-y reds are fair game for medium skin tones and summer brights are always stylish—especially on your fingers. This season is all about making a fun statement and using nail color as an accessory.

 Rich tangerine is also good for darker skin tone because they create a contrast without being too shocking. Darker skin looks incredible and chic against orange shades, but even with bright polish, you want it to be complementary and not too over the top.

Sheer peachy-nude: A sheer peachy-nude is a low-maintenance girl's dream. Try layering just one coat of polish over a basecoat for a glossy finish with a hint of color. The shade also works wonders for women who dislike pink nail polish.  Just beware of yellow undertones: for medium skin, avoid nudes with yellow undertones because instead of enhancing it, the polish will bring out the subtle yellowness common to this skin tone, and it is simply not flattering.

Sheer creamy peach tones work well with medium skin tones because they highlight the inherent tan hue of the skin while providing just the right amount of contrast. Find your best peach by holding a sheer peach -nude toned polish up to a bottle of your foundation. Another option for those with pale olive skin is peach nail polish, which makes your skin look warm and glowing. It is especially pretty in the summer months when skin tends to have a bit more of a tan.

If you have dark skin, you have got options. Dark skin tones can handle the greatest variety of colors, but choose a slightly darker peach that can contrast nicely with dark skin while the warm tone of it complements it nicely.

Navy Blue: Whether you go so-dark-it’s-basically-black or keep it closer to its true color wheel hue, navy blue is equal parts unexpected and sophisticated in the summer. When picking out a dark nail polish in the summer, choose a rich, opaque crème and layer a high-gloss top coat on top. More light reflection will keep your manicure looking beautiful and clean, not dreary.  

You can play off the severity of the polish shade with a nail shape that is shorter and rounder. Long, square nails can be oh-so lovely, but when you put them in a dark shade they can be, a whole lot of ‘look’.  If you want to keep your length, opt for an almond-shape nail to balance out the dark hue.



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