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Summer dresses with winter coats combos
December 21, 2017, 5:31 pm

One of the more depressing aspects of dressing for winter is bidding a temporary farewell to your collection of summer dresses and not seeing them again. However, it is not really necessary to put dresses that traditionally would be considered off-season into storage, it is very possible to wear summery dresses paired with a big old winter coat. Here, a few tricks for pulling this off.

Mix textures: The key to nailing this trend is to make sure that you're mixing textures, you can easily pair a chiffon summer dress with a bulky shearling or a silky floral slip dress with an oversized wool military coat. The end result that comes from wearing a warm-weather piece of clothing with something that's meant specifically for chilly temperatures will make this outfit seem nice.

Experiment with different styles: Shearling is undoubtedly the cosiest winter coat on trend this year and you can wear as much or as little as you like; go subtle in some lining or full on SNUG-tastic in a shearling long length. Puffers can also be a good choice, from long-length puffers to duvet-worthy styles and hoods, make sure to update your puffer for the new season.

Don't be afraid to go really seasonal: Have a summer dress in the back of your closet that you normally reserve for places like the beach or for scorching hot days? Even that with the right accessories can work in the winter. If you would prefer not to show excess skin, layer a turtleneck underneath.

Break out your boots: Mixing a floaty dress with a solid pair of boots is one of the easiest ways to nail the styling aspect of the trend. Over-the-knee suede boots, ankle boots, chunky lug soles—anything goes.

Go crazy with color: Resist the urge to only wear black, instead pastels, primary brights, stripes, florals all work despite dated fashion rules. You are sure to draw attention in a bold, belted coat that gives off major vibes which you can match with your equally fun-colored dress. Alternatively, introduce a dose of color blocking to your look with a multi-colored trench coat that clashes in the right way with the print from a bright summer dress .

Top off your look with winter accessories: To drive home the point that this winter/summer combo is indeed intentional and not a case of season-rushing, finish off your outfit with appropriate accessories like a slouchy beanie, an oversized scarf, or even a blanket scarf. When your waist is cinched in a glamorous coat, giving you an automatic hourglass shape, and so your neckline is left on the looser side. Opt for a lightweight scarf that can folded over (and over again) and pulled tight to protect your neck. If your coat is so glamorous, stick with luxe looking accessories in a clean palette: silky, gilded and almost-gray all work, and go for a slouchy beret. You can also finish your combo look with other functional yet fab accessories like convertible mittens and a knitted turban.


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