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Summer beauty mistakes
July 16, 2017, 12:06 pm

Summer beauty dilemmas are a plenty to worry about in this season with the weather being hot and muggy causing your upper lip and brows to drip with sweat. Most women find it difficult to make smart beauty choices and change their beauty regiment to accommodate the season. To help you, simply avoid making these summer beauty mistakes.

Skipping moisturizer: When the weather starts to get hot and sticky, most women don't feel like adding moisture to their skin. This is a mistake. Heat and sun can zap essential hydration and oils from your skin, so you have to be sure to add oils and water back into your dehydrated skin during the summer months. Also, if your skin is used to that supple moisturizer each day and suddenly doesn't have it, it will go into dehydration mode. Your skin will start to overproduce oil to make up for it, and then your already oily skin will get worse. If your regular moisturizer is feeling too heavy for the hotter months, switch to a lighter, more summer-friendly formula, such as an oil-free gel.

Not using oil-free products: Most people with normal or dry skin during the winter will notice that their skin becomes shiny and oily during the summer. Also, depending on their lifestyle, they might find that their pores can become clogged and their skin more prone to breakouts. It doesn't hurt to switch to oil-free foundations during the hot summer months in order to ensure wearability and decrease shine.

Going overboard on the powder: In an effort to control shine, women often touch up their makeup with pressed powder throughout the day. This powder mixed with the excess oils and sweat on the surface of the skin can result in a cakey mess. Choose a light translucent powder to mattify the skin instead of mineral or foundation powders that will add coverage.

Not switching to waterproof products: Like your face makeup, some cosmetics that work during the winter months won't be quite as great in warmer climates. You might find that your eyeliner and mascara start smudging and shadows melt off when the temperature heats up. If this is happening to you, it means that you need to switch over to waterproof makeup for the summer. It hurts to toss that half-used mascara in the garbage, but continuing to wear makeup that will run down your face is a huge mistake. Make the switch. The most important products to be sure are sweat-proof to maintain summer bombshell status are brows, eyeliner, and mascara. 

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