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Sultry summer makeup looks
August 22, 2016, 1:53 pm

Everything gets hotter in the summer - the sun, the clothing and now, your makeup. For a night out or any soiree, why not let your makeup do the talking with a sultry, rich touch.  Here some ideas for some steamy, jaw-dropping looks that are heavy on the glow but light on the layers.

Hot peach: Flushed cheeks are often described as ‘sweet’ and ‘cherubic’. Add a touch of shimmer and a matching lip color and the look loses its girlie edge and becomes smoking hot. Start by blending a deep-apricot cream blush onto the apples of your cheeks and up along the cheekbones toward the temples. For the best effect for when you have a  classy evening event, cream blushes melt into the skin better and look more radiant in the summer. Finish the look with a flick of black liner at the outer corner of the lid and a complementary golden-peach lip color.  It pulls the look together because it echoes the color of the blush and completes the allover luminous feel.

Sea green: Green eye shadow can be incredibly flattering. First off, select a color that is more teal than green, and is very shiny. Second, apply it in a neat, graphic shape. Next, take a stubby brush, dip it in the pigment, and move it side to side like a windshield wiper over the lid and up to the crease, creating a half-moon shape. Finally, stroke heavy mascara on the top and bottom lashes and wear a pale-nude lipstick. This will all contribute to the sensuous quality of the overall makeup look.

Chocolate bite: A rich, cocoa-colored lipstick adds drama without feeling heavy or overdone. To keep the color on the pretty side of the spectrum, layer a glint-y gold gloss on top of chocolate-brown lipstick. Then, dust the lid with gold shimmer, line the lashes with a bronze pencil, and smudge a gold-flecked black shadow around the outer corner of your eye, blending and diffusing the liner.  

A light gold highlighter on the cheekbones will keep the palette monochromatic. With a bold lip like this, you really want to make everything else as uncomplicated as possible.

Summer classics: You can have a lot of fun with these two makeup staples, smoky eyes and red lips, by giving them a summery twist. For the lips, choose an orangey-cherry shade in a semi-matte formula, one that doesn't look heavy or wintery.

Then, lighten up the traditional smoky eyes by mixing plum and brown shadows together before blending them from the lashes up to the crease, adding a flash of bronze at the inner corner. And because you are going all out by accentuating eyes and lips, tone down the rest—use tinted moisturizer instead of foundation, a bit of concealer, and a very light dusting of shimmer-free blush. Voila, you have the perfect look for an evening at a fancy restaurant with colleagues.


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