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Sultan Gallery presents famed painter Hunt Slonem
April 15, 2015, 7:59 pm

The Sultan Galleryis hosting a solo exhibition by acclaimed American abstract painter Hunt Slonem from15 April to 7 May. The exhibition, which was inaugurated on14 April, is being held in collaboration with theCuadro Gallery in Dubai. 

Highly regarded for his colourful paintings of tropical birds and butterflies, Mr.Slonem was inspired by his personal aviary of more than one hundred live birds of various species. He displays a deep understanding of the intrinsic beauty of these living creatures and expresses it with intense scratched paint marks and bold rich oil colours for effect.

The New York-based artist is a prolific professional in the art world; his work is part of vaunted collections such as the Guggenheim and the Met. He has participated in exhibitions in most countries of the world such as Germany, Turkey and Canada. Aside from painting, he collects antiques and has written three books on the subject of his artwork.


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