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Sudden celebrity OFW Zumba trainer shares stage with Gym Team
July 31, 2016, 2:41 pm

An Overseas Filipina Worker in Kuwait and Zumba trainer, Mariel Quijano currently working with a local health club, whose dance video went viral on Facebook, recently showcased her dance workout stints Friday morning with The Gym Team at the Radisson Blu Hotel’s Chai Al Dhaha. The full-house class, which lasted an hour and half, featured Mynna Anna Bernardo Dy, Stella Munch and Colombian Zumba trainer Alexander Romero.

Quijano, dancer on a popular weekend TV show in the Philippines Party Pilipinas, delivered much applauded Zumba dance routines in front of an overcrowded ballet studio. Quijano, known among OFWs worldwide for her brief clip performance to the Trumpet Challenge music that went viral on social media also conducts classes in one of the local clubs in Kuwait.

“She was extraordinary and her routines described her professionalism and passion with what she does,” commented Maria Mendoza, a Gym Team regular attendee. In addition to the presenters, Dy, a fitness and Zumba trainer in one of the local gyms in Kuwait perked half hour with Latin music paired with high impact moves.

Dy was also a part of a contemporary dance group Pmadia, a regular mainstay among Philippine television programs Munch, known for her fun moves, she delivered the warm up. Romero , a Zumba trainer from Colombia, shared two routines and immediately followed a cool down led by Dy and was joined on stage by the rest of the presenters. A team from Al Shaya Company attended the session. The group also welcomed the presence of the mentor of the group Mrs. Ida Pellaud, wife of the General Manager of Radisson Blu Hotel.

“I am very honored to have been invited to present my style of dancing to everyone and I just hope it inspires those who attend somehow. The enthusiasm and passion of the Gym Team members shown during the class was remarkable and I definitely would like to be a part of the class again. The class made me misses performing for television and in public, ” stated Ms. Quijano.

The Gym Team also announces its forthcoming project 'Global Zumba' scheduled on the 2 September at the grand ballroom of the Radisson Blu Hotel. The team is currently on lookout for a possible organization locally or in the Philippines to donate the proceeds of the project. For details, go to their facebook account: The Gym Team.

The team also extends its gratitude to local and Philippine media; Michele Fe Santiago of ABS CBN News and The Arab Times, Ben Garcia for Philippine Panorama and Kuwait Times, Reaven DSouza of The Times Kuwait and  Morning Talk News for their usual generous support to its advocacy.


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