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Styling tips for kimono jackets
July 21, 2015, 3:43 pm

Inspired by traditional Japanese robes, contemporary kimonos have been given a modern update—prints, fringe, varying lengths—and will give any outfit a cool, boho vibe. And if you think they are only appropriate for festivals, think again: Kimonos can we worn with anything in your closet, from skinny jeans and heels or layered over a mini dress for some serious ’70s vibes. Here are some tips.

The perfect summer look: You can slip into a trendy kimono jacket to perfect a mod perfect summer look, followed by on-trend pants, a simple top and sneakers or sandals.  Go bold with a piece like a vibrant yellow colored pant and to contrast the pattern on the pants, an animal print blouse. Throw on a dark Kimono and your look has finesse. When putting your look together, make sure you are balancing out the top and bottom; go with something tighter on the bottom to complement the flowy top half. This setup will flatter your body and prevent you from looking like you are swimming in your clothes.

Highlight your dresses: The best styling tip to wear kimono jackets, is to pair it with a figure-hugging dress. Make sure to go for a plain fitted dress if your kimono has a vibrant design and is eye-catching.  If your dress has a full or swingy skirt, try belting it on the waist to give your look a more defined shape as you rock a funky Kimono. How about picking out a colour from your kimono’s print for a hot accessory to flatter your dress.

If you have a vibrant kimono jacket, there is nothing better than wearing it with your favourite little white or black dress. It is the perfect way to add a pop of color to your look.

Layer over double denim: Here is a really fun and fresh take on the kimono — wear it over double denim — this can be over a denim shirt and shorts, or, over a denim shirt with denim skinnies. And if that is not enough for you, top the combination with a fur vest as well. For the days when you just can’t think of what to wear, but still want to look stylish, just add a kimono to your comfy denim attire.

Layer and mix with other prints or patterns:  Most kimonos are printed and already offer enough look-at-me factor. But if you want to make your outfit a whole lot more wonderful, try mixing the kimono with printed or patterned separates. A tip: stripes, especially black and white stripes, go with everything so keep that in mind when you want to showyou’re your kimono. Also, graphic prints go great with each other and with more complex or organic prints like florals or animal prints. These more complicated prints can also look nice together, but it is not as easy to pull off — color and scale become more important. Take time to mix and match prints till you get the look you want. 

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