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Style tips for a bob haircut
October 22, 2018, 12:10 pm

Unlike lipsticks or foundations, bobs are not a one-size-fits-all sort of deal. Instead, you have to find what works for you, your routine, and your hair type.

To navigate the perfect bob haircuts, read on for some help.

If you have long, chunky layers, try a soft, A-line bob:  Layers can be a trap when you have long hair: Not only do they require a lot of styling to look good, but they can easily make you think you need length to pull off a lived-in, bedhead-y style. The solution?  Bring up the length so the bottom layers live closer to the shortest layer, so it has a stronger perimeter line.

Translation: Have your stylist chop off your long layers and leave the shorter ones. The result will be fairly low-shock, since you'll be able to pull off the same styles, minus the mullet-like back that heavily layered long hair can have. The biggest bonus of having a bob is that it takes less time to style, which means you can rock and uses just one product (lots of mousse).

If you have sleek, one-length hair, try a bob with strong fringe: A long, one-length look is still one of the most striking ways to wear long hair. Therefore, you can continue wearing your hair as an accessory by playing it safe with a lob. A really sharp, straight bob with bangs is dramatic and beautiful.  

Blunt bobs are way more versatile than you think, and they work best when you let your natural texture be free.

If you have one-length hair with a few face-framing layers, go for a sharp, blunt bob: You will be able to transition beautifully to a sharp, blunt lob. Why? While a blunt cut can be startling for anyone, the length of this chop will frame your face even better than your layers do and give you the thick, one-length look you like.

If you have long, mermaid waves, try a chin-length, A-line bob: For many having long, trendy waves is all about feeling confident, and a textured cut that hits the chin will deliver that same feeling with even more volume.

If you have long layers, try a shaggy lob with a side-swept fringe: A shag will give you lots of movement and shape, which is the hallmark trait of a long cut with layers. Then, if you'd like, add side-swept bangs for a bit of interest. This cut allows you to style your hair smooth and voluminous or with some texture spray for something more modern. Be sure that your stylist thins the bangs so you can part them on the side.

You can even try a softly layered, mid-length lob. The classic lob is the gateway drug to shorter cuts. But the best thing about the lob is that it can be styled in any way and still feels fresh and modern. 

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